New Bard and Berserker Class

I’d like to make a motion that 2 new classes be introduced. One being a Bard where with ever hit like Barbarian they would give a 10% chance at a new status ailment for 2 turns that could read any regular hit would hit another enemy for 2 turns. And the Berserker would be a little like Paladin where when they gef a status ailment there is a 25% chance to raise the attack status for 2 turns by 25%. What does everyone think?

Interesting. Would you propose changing current heroes to one of these two classes or just new ones and possible costumes?

I think if would be a good idea but I bit hard to implement. However with the introduction of season 4 they could at least give us 4 of each one

Introducing new classes is problematic. You want them to be balanced, which would mean changing some existing heroes to the new class. What happens then to the emblems already on those heroes? Does the embleming path change the way the hero is strengthened? (most likely yes) Do you get free resets for all the heroes that have changed class to then re-emblem them the best way? (most likely not, you may get one or two) Would you even have wanted to emblem that hero in that new class?

And all the resources to re-emblem the hero! Oy!


As a member of the Bard Class, I’m aghast at the suggestion that we spread ailments!

Surely the Bards should give a chance of a small buff to allies?

To be a Bard
Is not enough
When rhyming’s hard
And writings tough
In this regard
I must be gruff
Add to the card
A status buff


As a Bard veteran of several DnD Adventures (and a founder member of the infamous* Bows and Tulips) I concur.

The Bards job is to regale his fellows with poem and song. Hearten their resolve and courage, heal wounds and sooth troubled souls.

So it should be all about them buffs baby!

*infamous in our group :joy:


There are at least 2 too many classes already, all but ensuring that you’ll have at least one class with a pile of emblems sitting around that you can’t use, while all your other heroes are starved for them.

Creative suggestion, but no thanks.


My thoughts were that when he gives the ailment it’s more like a change of heart for 2 turns gaining an ally sort of thing.

Just doesn’t feel very Bard like. Bards are support heroes traditionally so whilst you could have an Evil alignment bard that does something like this the class itself should be about buffing and blessing your own team.

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The idea of new classes, yes, that could be fun, but the suggested implementations , no they don’t fit

Bard could add a small amount of healing to themselves for 2 turns? I think the attack up for berserker is fitting. I like these iseas. Just start with new heroes, no need to change old ones, unless new costumes.

Another class option: alchemist, % on attack to drop a bomb. After 2 turns, or the enemies dies it explodes, hitting the enemy & neighbors unless dispelled

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I like that idea a lot. I just think it’s time with season 4 t introduce a few missed classed to really change meta around.

It is more meant to be a change of heart not an evil ailment. So they “the Bard” played a song of love that convinced the enemy to join forces with your team for 2 turns. You can’t have a class that would buff/effect multiple heros/enemeis. It always needs to be a 1 on 1 type deal. Plus many healing heros already do the buff.

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