New AW rule attack boost

The description is a bit cryptic to me and I don’t understand what does it mean that it “stacks”. Does it mean that the attack boost lasts forever and so any time the war bar fills the enemy gets a further +10% attack without any upper limit, so the boost stacks with itself? Or does the boost lasts for a limited number of rounds and it stacks with other attack boosts, like BT’s? Or something different?

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I agree, it would be nice to know the specifics. I’m presuming it’ll stack on top of itself multiple times, it stacks with BT and that it’s dispellable.

I’m thinking (hoping) that the 10% boost is just a one shot boost for that specific turn that the opponents get. The 10% stack means it will stack on top of whatever the heroes currently have activated from their active specials, but after that one turn then the 10% goes away until the next time it’s activated.

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I sure hope Finish is right because if it stays and just stacks as time goes on, attacking teams that aren’t very high on offense are going to have little to no chance.

If I remember correctly from Beta, the 10% attack boost is permanent, cannot be dispelled, and stacks with other attack buffs like boldtusk or kiril. It stacks with itself after multiple casts, increasing the bonus to 20%, then 30%, etc.


What @Wharflord said. It’s basically just like the long-raid bonus, where damage is boosted if the raid goes on too long, but it only helps the defenders. It cannot be dispelled, and it stacks with attack boosts (like Boldtusk) multiplicatively.

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