New avatars and pins for the shop

High time to add some of the new mob enemies, heroes, etc to the avatar shop. I dont think they’ve added barely anything in the 2+years I’ve been playing.
The quests for some of them are neat, but super WE intensive and they dont offer all of them from the maps, just a few select ones.

Here’s a similar thread…

Agree. For example, it’d be great if they added new old HOTM to the avatar shop.

I’d love the option to buy a Seshat avatar. I’d just need to start saving up 1200 gems…

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Here’s another similar thread, but slightly different so I’m leaving alone.

Current available pins and avatars are just recycling and we need new ones please…

I have been wanting a hamburger pin and gill-ra avatar.

For you other pin/avatar peeps, what would you like to see available to get?


Agreed. It’s nice that you’re giving newer HotM avatars in the PoV rewards and of course we can buy the old ones, but what about the ones in the middle? No love for Zim, Melia, etc.

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