New avatars and pins for the shop

High time to add some of the new mob enemies, heroes, etc to the avatar shop. I dont think they’ve added barely anything in the 2+years I’ve been playing.
The quests for some of them are neat, but super WE intensive and they dont offer all of them from the maps, just a few select ones.

Here’s a similar thread…

Agree. For example, it’d be great if they added new old HOTM to the avatar shop.

I’d love the option to buy a Seshat avatar. I’d just need to start saving up 1200 gems…

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Here’s another similar thread, but slightly different so I’m leaving alone.

Current available pins and avatars are just recycling and we need new ones please…

I have been wanting a hamburger pin and gill-ra avatar.

For you other pin/avatar peeps, what would you like to see available to get?


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