New Attack Buffer HOTM after Miki

Featured Atlantis heroes as well as featured old HoTM have a 0.25% chance to be drawn each. Non-featured Atlantis heroes have a drawing chance well below 0.1 % (don’t remember the appearance rate, however, it has to be divided by 8 if you try get Tarlak when he is not featured…).

As @MysterySpin has already said, the odds for summing a 4* costume are 26.5%. Depending on when Wu’s costume will be introduced, the odds of getting his costume will be at least 1.2% … every month.

Any F2P or C2P and even most P2W players need a lot of luck to still get Miki or Tarlak (Ranvir is basically a 5* Wu). If there were a new HoTM with an effect similar to Miki/Tarlak, also lots of players will NOT get that hero. As we already have two Legendaries, I’d be really happy to see a 4* hero with a similar effect, be it the costume of an existing hero, be it a S3 Epic hero. This would give all players a decent chance to get that hero–maybe not the first or second try, but they would be able to try for that hero every month for a >1% chance. Also, that would add some more variation to 4* weekly raid tournaments :slight_smile:


Updated & Added to the Master List. There was a pre-existing request to this effect.

Essentially the existing request was to create a “Red” and “Purple” buffer to allow for the full set of “mono” teams.

It’s worth pointing out again the fallacy attached to the “Let new players have a chance at xyz statement. I can’t put it much better than what @MysterySpin has…

Also just want to make one final comment about this statment:

Why stop there?
I mean Alberich is the ONLY hero who has the “Generates Mana Over Time” mechanic… And he’s much much much older than Miki is…
My point is that there is nothing which ever guarantees that a mechanic or skill will EVER be reintroduced to the game via a new hero. Just consider ourselves lucky that there are ANY extra options to Wu Kong… even if the odds are slim, they are still there… We aren’t entitled to anything… new players or old…

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Maybe you didn’t notice, Mothr North & Heimdall was introduced recently which are quite similar to Alby & also with some improvements.

I didn’t say Revive, I said “Generate Mana Over Time”

You can check… there isn’t one.

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As you know couldn’t agree more that we need that coming back. Especially if we consider the Runic Rocks we’ve now got in S3. With the number of blue Def droppers (Athena, Isarnia, Grimm, Finlay…) made sense for blue rocks to drop defence. Likewise number of red burners, purple poisoners and green healers that their rocks made sense…

Yet how many yellows have we had that add mana? Wasn’t until Mist we had one increase mana generation but that’s not the same as actually spontaneously adding mana, Alby’s mana regen is much closer to it. Does this mean there’s a yellow en-route that will have mana regen or instantly adds mana? If not there should be as why those rocks add mana rather than blind is questionable…

Edit: Just realised got my wires crossed as runic rocks are +mana gen. Have been testing Easter event in beta recently and whilst the Egg Bombs there increase health their similarity to Pumpkin Bombs at Halloween had me thinking of instant mana gains… If anything illustrates how many heroes and other stuff (from updated Springvale and enemies for future S3 provinces) have been shoot through beta recently that it is head spinning…

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Ariel , Grazul , Seshat, etc… Think they are generating mana


They increase the RATE of mana generation. (i.e. increase the mana you get off a tile)

Alberich is the ONLY hero who PASSIVELY generates mana (i.e. without needing to throw a tile)


Actually I wasn’t referring a clone here… I was referring a new attack buffer hero with similar to miki…& that’s all… no hard feelings mate :slightly_smiling_face:

All the poor snowflakes who must have melted from reading these words…!

I do not support the proposal by the OP. While admittedly it is frustrating having skills gaps in your inventory (my inventory of heroes is far from complete), that’s just part of the game. You have to make due with what you have. And don’t expect to ever see it again, or ever see another version of it, or to ever see it in other colours.

IMO, it would be boring if every colour all had the same equal distribution of skills.

Aren’t we striving for greater tolerance for diversity in our world?

I know. I was just pointing out that there are now 5x attack buffers in the game “similar to miki”. You have:
Wu Kong (from beginning), Guardian Gazelle (Jan 2020), Tarlak (~July 2018), Ranvir (Jun 2019) & Miki (Aug 2019)

I was pointing out that there is no guarantee or anything which will ever make us (the players) entitled to or expectant of any more appearing… I used the example of Alberich to emphasise this as there has not been a repeat of the “Passive Mana Generation” mechanic since his release in October of 2017

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Just to back it up the lack of another Mana Regeneration over time is not trivial either for as someone who has all three revivers and used two frequently (too early for third naturally) I’d go so far as to say that I find Alby’s Mana Regeneration to be his most useful part of his ability and is seriously underrated. Being able to generate mana and charge heroes whilst you absolutely no favourable tiles has for me reversed the course of more battles than his revive. Wasn’t around before they nerfed the amount of mana he regenerated but wish I had experienced it.

Anyway I’ll shut up on that as it is going off the rails…

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Ahhh hell @MysterySpin, that last paragraph got me!! :joy::rofl: Touché!!

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I don’t have Alberich, but I can confirm this from the other perspective: fighting against an Alberich who generates mana pretty fast. Add in unfavourable tiles for the attacker and the other heroes punish them quite a lot. Also, Alberich can cast a second time much faster. Especially in alliance wars with field aid Alby’s mana generation effect can be pretty devastating.

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Where did you go to find this information?

UPDATE: Here’s the link:

Atlantis Calendar/Schedule/Date & Guessing Returning HotM and Featured Atlantis Heroes

The title & address change each month with each new Atlantis Rises, so if this link stops working just do a search for some of these terms, should pull it up.

[Also, chart posted by @Palms (see next comment).]

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