New Attack Buffer HOTM after Miki

Since after August 2019 ( MIKI), There was not any attack boosting HOTM introduced. According to the info received, there won’t be such hero till June. When attacking against high power Titans Wu & Ranvir are not quite reliable. But they are the most common heroes, lots of players have at the moment.

There will be a little chance of getting Miki in July through Atlantis pulls & Tarlak through regular Atlantis pulls. But the chances are very low…

So I’m suggesting here to give players a chance to get a new attack boosting HOTM similar to MIKI ( who doesn’t miss ), which allows all players to get a another chance of getting a solid Attack Buffer, specially for the significant number of players who doesn’t have MIKI, TARLAK or RANVIR. Think its fair to all players…

I would add making it a Red or Purple hero as these colors don’t have a Miki-like attack booster yet


If availability is your main concern I think the best bet is either when Wu Kong gets a costume which could potentially make him more Tarlak like with lower attack boost but no chance of missing (though as I’m totally bonkers I’m hoping his costume actually gives him Gambler’s Last Stand with 50% chance of reviving each dead ally, 33% chance of OHKOing each live allies and whichever allies survive or are revived get a big HoT but as I say I’m bonkers).

Alternatively pushing for the inclusion of HOTM up to Miki or S2 heroes in the Hero Academy when released two weeks after the total collapse of global civilisation would also be a good bet for making such options more available.


Its just my opinion…purpose of my article is to have more reliable attack buffer similar to MIKI & Tharlak with little upgrades like fast mana…Lol

I second this notion.

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If you’re referring to June 2020 HotM then there’s still no such hero based on latest beta updates.


I Know mate …Raffaele is a Healer, Buffer

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You might want to go re-read the beta beat preview of his card in the first post.

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How is a costume a best bet? Are the chances of getting a specific costume higher than getting a HOTM?

No need to get defensive, not attacking anything here just giving my opinion that if increasing availability is your main consideration as your first post implied that in my opinion the best way to achieve that is not the way you’ve suggested.

A 4* costume that rolls round every month for people to have multiple attempts gives people better chances over time to get it than a HOTM that is gone by the end of the month. All you then get is people then complaining some months later that their odds of getting it at Atlantis are small again. Which honestly is still higher than when I started as back then you couldn’t get ex-HOTM at all period.

And Hero Academy would at least give a few more opportunities for all players regardless of amount they spend.

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This is not about June HOTM :grimacing:

Because people would have chances each month to try for it. Once the HOTM has gone you have a long time to wait for another albeit smaller chance at it which is precisely the complaint of this post. There was a HOTM attack buffer in Miki that OP didn’t get that they’re now complaining they don’t have more chances to get.

Releasing another HOTM only would just mean that a few months later someone else will be complaining of the same.

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My main & only consideration is to HAVE a attack booster similar to MIKI :slightly_smiling_face: ( similar stats or improved ) Its fair to all players even for the players who already have Miki.


I mean Miki should be available in Atlantis summons in July and we already know HotMs through June so a new hero wouldn’t come sooner than your chance to draw Miki again.

One thing I think is odd on this topic. There are 5 heroes in the game that have an attack boost of 100% or higher. 3 of them are Yellow and have major drawbacks ( accuracy for Wu and Ranvir, damage upon death and no further buffs for Gazelle). The only Blue (Miki) snd Green (Tarlak) don’t have any drawbacks. Why do all the Yellows have the huge downside to counter the huge boost while none of the others do?!

And why does Yellow have so many?

I agree with this point, hence why I think a Wu Kong costume that delivers the same functionality is a better option than a new HOTM as players that join the month after whenever that new HOTM gets released would also still have a shot at being able to get an attack buffer like it rather than have to wait months for either yet another HOTM like it to be released or for it to appear at Atlantis.

Besides even if a costumed Wu Kong was to be in the last batch of heroes to receive a costume the odds of pulling his costume would be 1.2% (26.5% Epic costume odd divided by 22 Epic Season 1 heroes) which is not too dissimilar to the 1.3% chance of HOTM but with the advantage of not being limited to one month to get it.

If however he were released in an earlier batch and those batches were in similar sizes to the first batch we got (which would look like 4 batches in total) then chances become much better than HOTM and for a number of months. If he were in batch 2 and that meant half of the classics then had costumes then you’d have a 2.4% pull chance for multiple months and if he were in batch 3 with 3/4s of classics released then it would be somewhere in the region of 1.65% depending on how they rounded the 4* inclusion).

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I thought the point was that it is hard to get Miki, Tarlak and Ranvir, and a HOTM would offer better chances to people who need a buffer against titans.

Tarlak is available every month through Atlantis, and if I’m not wrong, either Miki or Ranvir is available every 3 months. If true, I don’t see how the odds of getting a future costume of Wu are better than getting one of them.

I think the OP has a good point. SGG needs to make certain types of heroes more widely available. There are three elements of rare (3*) heroes that lack a healer, next month will be the first time for a chance at a Holy 4* healer (and that will be a once a year chance), there are no Nature 5* cleansers, no good Holy 5* dispellers and cleansers other than now Vivica and her costume, no complete healers in the vein of Kunchen, Vivica, and Ariel for Nature and Fire 5* heroes, and coming back on topic, no good buffers against the titans for Dark and Fire elements. Sure costumed Rigard and Ares help but they’re not as good as Ranvir, Miki, and Tarlak.

This game offers a ton of heroes that do pretty much the same thing. I mean, what’s the point of Prisca and Reinfeld? Couldn’t one of them be a healer instead? Why should Ranvir be Holy instead of Dark for example? What’s the point of having two versions of Wu Kong in the same element?


Except an HOTM is currently only easily available in the month it is released, after that it disappears for a long while. I have already detailed the odds of being able to score a specific 4* costume even once they have all been released is roughly equivalent to a HOTM odds (but available every month) and would actually be better odds for a number of months if it was in an earlier batch.

The Tarlak comparison is irrelevant as the odds of an S2 5* is no way comparable to a 4* costume (as the odds I’ve already outlined show).

Most of your rant is completely besides the point (as well as containing some inaccuracies as well - Lady Locke is a 5* Nature Cleanser) and whilst I agree with some points and would add others such as no Fire dispeller at all this is not the point. That’s a different discussion about adding missing skills to other colours.

The OP’s point was to make an big attack booster that doesn’t miss more widely available to more players as possible. The point of a costume for Wu that doesn’t miss but has a lower attack buff to be like a Tarlak is that it gives many more players the opportunity to get a non-missing titan attack buffing specialist regardless of when they join the game as there is a good chance to get one each month.

My chance at pulling a Rigard costume next month is a whole lot better than your chance of pulling a Miki next month because Miki won’t be available next month and nor will whatever HOTM you want to introduce be available for many months after its release for people who didn’t get it which is no different to the situation now - two Titan specialist HOTM (Miki and Ranvir - granted Ranvir misses) was released and yet people who didn’t get them are wanting more ways to get something like Miki.


Yes, i would also like more chances to get a hero like miki.

Do i need them to kill 14 star titans? Not really. WU at node 20 gets me 200k+ dmg on average each Titan.

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+1 while it would be nice to see a few more in the mix, I’ve seen plenty of people go bananas with a buffed up Wu who is widely available to all players

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