New Atlantis summon

So I apologize if my ediquette is too straight forward or if this flags certain aspects, but I was just wondering if there has been any spoilers for the new Atlantis summon? I know last month kageburado’s strength was kind of leaked, and I believe the February HOTM is suppose to be pretty decent, but just wondering if their was any updates. Of any sorts, or if I should not phrase the question this way for future reference. Thanks :pray:

The old HotM reappearances are anyone’s guess. As for the featured season 2 5* heroes, if the same release pattern is followed as with the first set, we’ll be seeing Inari and Kage this time.

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Thanks for the input, definitely appreciated. Was wondering if there were any beta leaks on new hero’s for the summon or not?

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I believe beta testers have seen Poseidon, Ariel and Atmos (before their final forms), but I don’t believe they can tell you when each of them will appear.

I’d wager Ariel and Atomos

Assuming the same release pattern, we may see two of the Atlantis heroes @Ricksta mentioned in February. But that’s speculation, and no guarantees.

Given how much heroes can change between Beta and release (Aegir went from an initial leaked version that was an absolute must-have to something many consider best fed to Aife or Thorne at release) it’s a bit of a time-waster speculating on how good they’ll be.
The last info I stumbled across months ago had Ariel as a blue healer, Atmos green with an all opponents attack and party HoT, and Poseidon yellow with party mana protection and an anti-anti-special special. There’s no guarantee that even the hero colors will be what’s finally released, judging by the last set, which originally had Kage red and Mitsuko purple before they were swapped.

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Thanks guys! This was exactly was I was hoping for. I know details are extremely vague but just hearing the names of beta tested heroes and any possible specials are an interesting read. Never heard of Atmos before, did hear about Poseidon and I’m guessing he won’t get released until the final Atlantis season two summon.
But any other possible new heroes you’s have heard of?

The only other one I’ve heard of at the moment, besides the 2019 teaser for the Wonderland event which has a couple of pictures but no names and isn’t in beta yet, is Kunchen, a dark healer expected to be the next HotM.

Do you hear of these heroes just by reading different posts in the thread? Or should I be looking somewhere more specific

Personally I just read the questions on the forums about what’s upcoming. I understand there’s more discussion on some of the Line groups, but I don’t use those so I can’t give more details.
Line’s a separate chat app that a lot of players use to keep in touch because it has more features than the in-game chat.

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