New Ascension Requirement, Hero Evolution

I would like to see two things added to the game. They kind of go hand in hand, so I’m writing them in together:

  1. add statistics/tracking for how frequently a player deploys a given hero to various tasks (titans, AW, map, quests).

And then have requirements for some ascension ranks for heroes (would be safe to start at 4* heroes having this requirement… 3* for last rank) - such as ''should be deployed in 25 AW battles, 10 Titan attacks (keep Titan low), 100-1000ish map battles, depending :p, and X number of quests.

I think this would help the RPG feel of the game. In order to level up, you gotta fight :slight_smile:

1-3* heroes could have Map only requirements.

  1. provide a SMALL amount of experience to heroes based upon activities completed. This should not replace ‘feeding’ as the primary method for leveling heroes. It should supplement in a marginal way. This goes along with 3:

  2. give the 1-2* heroes a possible path to end-game relevancy. IF they’re used a lot, only.

Why? First, because it is an RPG, and in most RPGs ya get to level up as a result of playing. And when you start out with a character, by the end of the game you have a sense of accomplishment taking that hero from weak to powerful over time.

Here, the opportunity exists… but it would need to be written in. And the method to get there would need to be defined and challenging.

So, let me first define “end game relevancy.” Because. This is a business I don’t expect or request that a 2* hero can be better than a 5* hero. I’m thinking slightly more power or utility compared to a fully ascended 3*

Okay so, how does this happen?
-) players can designate 1 hero as a Legacy Hero (a 1-2* hero of their choice). A 2nd Legacy could be designated at Stronghold20 or something :stuck_out_tongue:

-) once the Legacy Hero is fully ascended and leveled, they get a % chance when completing events to earn some Legacy Power-Up…

Every ten completed world map activities a random roll. A 1% chance of providing a 10% boost to attack, defense, or health. (After 1% triggers, a roll occurs to determine which stat is affected).

Same procedure for Raids, Titans, AW, and Quests, but with different rates. Probably 2-5% chance per bundle of attempts. Im imagining every 5 war attacks and every 3 Titan attempts.

Upper limits for Legacy Heroes (LH) would be 2.5 times their max leveled value. So for Layla 336 attack–> max 840 attack. 574 health --> 1435 max health.

Now where do the developers win? Right here… there’s a maximum of let’s say 30 times you can Power Up your LH. So players may really want a fully maxed out Attack value, or prioritize HP over Defense. But if players routinely roll defense then they can spend Gems (50? 100?) to re-roll their bonus. Multiple rolls may be necessary.

BUT WAIT theres more.

When maximum Power-Up of 30 is achieved, the hero then works at developing unique abilities.

These should be unique to LH and aimed at making these heroes EndGame relevant. I am not going to list my ideas for that here, but use your imagination. Up to 2 can be added to a LH, and they would just be added to their card.

These would be randomly assigned to the player when they hit a successful roll. They should be useful and or strong. AND there should be the ability to re-roll these when they’re obtained (200-400 gems per re-roll attempt).

That way players can spend to make a hero powered exactly as they want - Titan Crusher or AW brick wall. They get to home grow a hero they’ve spent most of the game melting down. And they have an end game task that maybe changes the way they approach some end game content (trying to fit in a Titan attack with a 2* hero :))

I hope you guys enjoy the concept. If not. I get it lol. I imagine this is well outside the scope of what the devs would consider. But I liked the idea and wanted to share.

To anyone who made it this far. Thanks for reading!

TLDR; Super-powered Layla.

Ohhhhh. Please don’t focus on the specific %'s needed or the exact highest stat increase… I think they would be close and they’re intended only to give an idea about what I’m thinking…

I think a lot of testing would need to be done to ensure that there aren’t going to be any outliers with this format :slight_smile: and to ensure that progress occurred over the correct intervals . (Riders to ensure Progression over time if the player isn’t hitting on rolls would be nice.)

I really like the idea of taking heros all the way to end game.

like a 1* hero could be developed and ascended to a 3* hero. a 2* hero could be developed and ascended to a 4* hero and a 3* hero could be ascended to a 5* hero. Special materials and experience requirements would be required to do this but it would allow players who don’t spend money to eventually get a 5 star but the road would be long and arduous so that MOST people would simply buy a few 5 star heros before then.

Based upon people’s general laziness and need for “quick fix” I don’t feel this would hurt Small Giant’s revenue significantly. People who spend money will still spend money because we want to get to end game fast while others will have a long term path to follow. For us that spend money we would have a fun “side project” leveling a 2 or 3* hero to end game.

There’s actually already a mechanism in place for this. It’s TC20 (training camp level 20). There’s a chance for 5* hero with that training. (But the road is long and arduous there :wink: )

So this is very much a separate thing.

“Side project” is a great way to put it. I do intend it as an end game long term project.

Thank you for responding btw. I appreciate it :slight_smile:

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That’s not the same. We’re talking about taking say Bane and eventually being able to make him a 5* hero by using him a lot. The idea is that you would have a separate experience pool which you only get if you actually use that hero a lot. Once that hero has enough experience you would then be able to do a “Star Ascention” to upgrade him from a 3* to a 4* hero.

This way it’s not RNG based at all but rather a guaranteed result based on consistent time and effort paying off and also taking a hero/character you really like and seeing them develop and get stronger over time.

For instance it would also be cool to see them visually change and get additional secondary skills as they tier up to the next Star rank. Like Layla would suddenly look more badass with cooler looking daggers and swords and a slightly different skill animation. Then at 4 star she might have a scythe or dual chain sickles and have a succubus look. Maybe you could even have the option to change how their skill works and say change it from single target to damage to all or damage to nearby enemies etc.

That would add a lot of personal customization and attachment to their heroes and give people more reasons to keep playing the game… even rerolling different versions of the same hero etc.

I’m getting lazy and quoting myself. :smile:
But it would be interesting if usage of the hero was a component of whatever they might do in the future to allow us to grow our heroes.


I agree. My favorite heroes are getting a bit stale. I find myself wanting a special gem for Melendors Staff that makes his heal more effective for different color heroes…Amethyst for dark, London Blue Topaz for Ice, Peridot for Nature, Garnet for Fire, and the extremely rare and valuable Black Opal that buffs all.

I also envision totems or amulets for protection against certain specials. A Moon charm that l can equip my healer with that nulifies the cannot be dispelled portion of an attack, only one allowed per account.
A mystic topaz for Hel’s diadem that makes her special last one turn longer against Holy. It must be recharged/rested for one turn out of three.
A shield charm that adds 20% defence to any hero that activates with the wearer’s own special.

I am certain Small Giant can come up with more. What would you like to see?

I have been playing for over 6 months and on the whole I think the game is really good. However, acending higher grade heros can be a lengthy and tedious affair.

You cannot rely on titan drops or wanted chests for these items and they are not dropped anywhere on the adventure map.

I have played similar games where better equipment is FORGED out of a number of inferior items which can be picked up from various areas of the player map.

Lvl specific forges could easily be employed to craft acension items in the same way you research new battle items. This way players would feel that grinding on the map for materials for hours at a time wouldn’t be in vain.

I am becoming repeatedly frustrated with not being able to a end my heros due to having to wait a month for a challenge where the team power required to pass the level and win the items I need becomes available.

Thanks for listening. I hope this idea is feasible to work into the game framework.

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I really appreciate the bump :slight_smile: any reply here I’ll take as a win lol.

That said, I think you want this thread / idea :slight_smile:

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