New Ascension plans necessary after extremly lucky pull today?

Hey guys,

today was a total blast. I spenn 900 gems on Avalon summonings and got Little John (okay, I guess. no dupe). Li Xiu (also no dupe) and King Arthur (■■■?!)

I still lack on a red hero with at least 4* but I got used to live without them.

Actually my defense team consists of:

Sonya (4-70+8), Caedmon (4-70+4), Cyprian (4-63), Hu Tao (4-33) and Rigard (4-70+4)
The plan was to get Hu Tao in Tank Position when He is maxed, because I really like the idea of him getting revived with full mana on a defense team, flanked by two purple heroes.

Hu Tao really is my only warrior and with emblems he really could be nice for me. But after getting Li Xiu I’m not sure, if a should stop levelling Hu Tao and swap to Li Xiu asap… because she also is my only monk and could get enough emblems

My roster consists at the moment of:

Nothing worth mentioning. Some max Hawkmoons, Namahage, Azar, Nashgars. Nothing worth it

Sonya 4-70+8
Grimm 3-49
King Arthur 1-1
Sonya 1-1

Hu Tao 4-33
Chao 3-60
Hu Tao 1-1
Li Xiu 1-1

Rigard 4-70+4
Cyprian 4-63
Proteus 3-47
Proteus 1-1
Cyprian 1-1
Sabina 1-1

Horghall 2-60
Caedmon 4-70+4
Skittleskull 1-29
Gobbler 1-1
Jack O’Hare 2* 1-1
Little John 1-1

You can find my ascension materials in pictures below.
I play for 5,5 months so far and lack of 4* ascension materials, as you can see.

My plans are actually:
Purple: Finish Cyprian for defense team, then Proteus, then Sabina
Green: Finish Belith, then Jack O’Hare
Yellow: Finish Hu Tao or swap to Li Xiu for defense?!
Red: Haha… no plans at all
Blue: Finish Grimm or swap to King Arthur? Have only 5 warm cloaks, so I’m not sure if they would be a waste at Grimm, if I got King Arthur waiting? Also Grimm is my only Barbarian, he could get a lot of emblems.

What would you recommend me? For defense?
Which would be the best ascending order for my heroes?

At the moment I’m in a great alliance, where I’m the player with the lowest level. Hitting 10/11* Titans and getting great rewards, so there is really a good chance for ascension materials…

Red heroes: do you have duplicate Nashgars or Namahages? If so you may as well do one of them for Wonderland and Teltoc event high scores.

IMO for Yellow heroes: Li Xiu as tank > Hu Tao as tank. They’re about the same on flank.

I prefer Hu Tao over Li Xiu though for offense, I think blindness is a great ailment to cast and works well with more heroes than Li Xiu’s 20% mana cut (which would buy you one turn at most against fast heroes during raids).

Map levels they’re both useful, although I still find myself using Hu Tao more than Li Xiu because blindness is just too good, even if he’s slow.

Blue heroes: I’d finish Grimm first, he’s considered the best of the Ramming Pulverizer trio (Grimm, Tiburtus & Gormek). Do Arthur next, pair them up against red titans, and watch those damage scores fly.

I’d agree with Dave. My wife uses Hu a lot and seems to like him. As for blue heroes Grimm is great and can lay the hurt down and definitely worth finishing if you are that far along. But Arthur would be my very next one. He will be great and may even take the tank position depending on the rest of your roster. I don’t have him, but have seen him used a good bit that way and he can be tough.

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Well, you’ve already given ascension materials to Hu Tao and Cyprian, so you might as well finish them. All it will cost you at this point is some feeders. There are only a handful of heroes I’d stop my current project to work on, and Li Xiu ain’t one of 'em. (BTW, Proteus is one of those project-stoppers, but you’re so close on Cyprian, you might as well finish him.)

In green, don’t waste any mats on Skittleskull. I did, because I had no other options at the time, and even at 4^70, she’s still pretty terrible. Jack looks like your best play there. Definitely go with Grimm in blue. Honestly, the rarity of four-star mats vs. three-star mats is such that you could spend those capes on Grimm and still get enough capes to do Arthur by the time you have the scopes. And Grimm is quite good, as noted. Fragile, but hits like a truck.

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Congrats on pulling the King! You’ve got a good plan and a solid team so far. Like everybody else said, finish off your Hu Tao, Cyprian, and Grimm. You’ll probably have King Arthur to 3-70 before you get your 6th scope.
For defense, maybe: Caedmon - Rigard - Hu Tao - Cyprian - Sonya

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Thank you for your responses… I will do so!

For Red heroes:

I have Namahage at 3-30 (actual red project), 2x Hawkmoon max, 2x Nashgar max, 1x Jahangir max and 1x Azar max.

These are for colorstacking vs. single heroes in AW. But that’s all I’m gonna level in 3*, except I would get another event hero.

Hey there,

not to open a new thread, here are my actual possibilities:

I’m on my last steps for Grimm and Proteus. Both are waiting or all of the emblems of their class. So I think both of them could come to my main team, defense, maybe war defense and raids.

Because Cyprian lacks emblems (Sonya all got them), my first idea was to swap him out of the team. My idea would be to field Proteus instead.

What do you think?

New heroes on my bench, which will be maxed next would be Sabina, Kiril and Li Xiu. Last one to replace Hu Tao on defense.
On a long term there are King Arthus, Ameonna and some dupes awaiting.

While Grimm and Proteus are both great heroes, neither one of them is particularly well regarded on defense due to their low defense/HP stats. You could try to boost that with emblems, since they do seem to be your best options for emblems in their respective classes. Here is a great thread that includes a lot of talk about possible emblems paths for Grimm. I have both Grimm and Sonya maxed, but I use Sonya in my defense team. Her natural defense stats are high, and like you, I gave her my paladin emblems, so she’s very sturdy. Grimm is never going to be very durable, but I had already used my barbarian emblems on Gormek anyway, so my experience wouldn’t be apples-to-apples. Still, I think you might consider keeping Sonya on your defense teams and save Grimm for your attacking teams.

I don’t have Proteus, but my sense is that a lot of people like to use emblems to boost his durability so he can help on challenge and seasonal events… or basically anywhere that a boss needs to be kept from firing. Neither he nor Kiril will benefit that much from the Jinx talent, so the emblems would be all about stat boosts either way. Whether that makes him a better option than an unemblemed Cyprian on defense would be your call.

Although I don’t have either hero leveled, so I can’t say how well it would work in practice, have you considered going with both Hu Tao and Li Xiu on defense? Since you are going to have to double some color anyway until you get a four-star red, those two might work together OK (as long as you don’t put them right next to each other; that’s begging for a purple stack from your attacker.) Both will be getting the emblems in their respective classes, and neither is, to my knowledge, considered a glass cannon like Grimm. It’s not ideal, but it might be your best option for now.

I have Sabina at +9. I think she’s a great option for your sorcerer emblems.

Ameonna is a niche hero, but she’s good at what she does. Sabina is still the better option (for sorcerer emblems and otherwise), but Ameonna is still kinda cool. (Just wanted to launch that preemptive strike. Some folks don’t think much of her, but I like her.)

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Thanks for your input!

Never thought of having Li Xiu and Hu Tao on a defense team. But you are right, both are niche heroes for me at the moment and can get fully emblemed. So maybe with Rigard Tank flanked by Li and Hu would be nice.

Also thank you for your input on blue. I will test ist, but having Sonya in Defense and Grimm in offense seems nice. Having Caedmon as a dispeller anyways, so that would be no problem.

With Proteus I’m going to got the defense/health talent-path. I hope he can survive long enough and I’m going to test ist. Because i lack other wizards he will get the emblems first in any case. Better lose 10% emblems than hav 100+ unused for months in my opinion.

With Gimm I’m going to get full glass cannon attack. Wish me luck!

Yep. Purple healer tank flanked by two yellows. Makes all kinds of sense to me, given your options.

I run Sabina, Melendor, and Sonya together a lot. Can’t have too many dispellers.

That’s why I need Kiril ASAP. My wizards are trash. I was saving the emblems for when I eventually get Onatel maxed, but I’ve decided to give the darts to Poseidon, so the best wizard I have available to emblem Balthazar. I think I’m just going to sit on my stack until Kiril shows up.

I think you’ve made the right decisions all around. If I weren’t building Beefy Gormek with my barbarian emblems, I’d probably do the same as you with Grimm. I’m sure he’s a monster when given attack emblems, and that also boosts the bleed damage from his Wound talent.

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