NEW ASCENSION is Looking for 3! TOP 100, but fun atmosphere! (2400 cups, 14* titans)

Still have an opening for 1 after the war! If you’re interested, come check us out! :smiley:

Have one spot coming up after war! Please feel free to Line us if you’re interested in joining!

Won our war and now looking for 1! Want to be in a top 100 alliance that’s relatively relaxed? We’re the alliance for you! Get in contact with us today! :smiley:

Won our 3rd war in a row and looking for 1 person to fill up our alliance again! Contact me on line at jennscomet if interested or have questions! :smiley: looking forward to hearing from you!

Now Full as of 5.16.21. Waitlist open! Feel free to message me on line at jennscomet to get on it! :smiley:

Now have one spot available! Line us at jennscomet if interested in a top 100, relatively relaxed and fun atmosphere! :smiley:

Bumping this up! We’re still looking for one active player to join us! :slight_smile: if you enjoy being part of a relatively chatty group who have a few chuckles now and then but are knowledgeable about the game and help each other out, come check us out!

Now Full! Waitlist is open! Come join us today!

Just finished war and have a fresh war chest! Still a great group of folks trying to get to the top together! We’re looking for 1 last person to join us in that quest! Line our colead: jennscomet if you’re interested in joining us! :smiley:

Still looking for 1! Come join a friendly top 100 group who are just looking to continue to climb the ladder! :relaxed:

We are full but feel free to put yourself on our waitlist!

We had 2 of our players take a break! We’re still a friendly group of folks who continue to take down 14* titans at 2 people down. If you enjoy playing at a competitive level but want to play with a relaxed group of people, we’re the alliance for you! Message a colead on line: jennscomet if you’re interested! Otherwise come on in and see us in game! :smiley:

Will be looking for 3 after war! Come check us out! :smiley:

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