NEW ASCENSION is Looking for 1! TOP 100, but fun atmosphere! (2400 cups, 14* titans)

Been a hot minute since this post needed to be refreshed, but we’re now again looking for 1! Feel free to Line if you have any questions!

Still looking for one! Come check us out :smile:

Sent a request form in. Not sure if I can do 125k damage on a 14 Star Titan but will try my best.

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Now looking for 2 people! Just won war and have a fresh war chest! Come check us out!

Full as of 22 February of 2021

Now looking for one! Have been full for a long time, looking for someone looking to stay for a good (and long?) time!

Still looking for 1! We’re a great bunch of folks who are competitive but relaxed! If that sounds like you, would love for you to come join us! Feel free to PM us if interested!

We chain 14* titans since last November, top 100 when full
Looking for a daily active lvl 60+ player

Still looking for one! Feel free to PM or come on over! :smile:

Had a member take a break, looking for someone who’d like to make us their home! Feel free to PM if you’re interested or have any questions!

Bumping this up! Still looking for 1 person!

Looking for a good home? We’re a bunch of friendly folks who are competitive, but friendly! Come chain 14* titans with us :smile: and feel free to PM me if interested!

Daily active players wanted! Readiness for 14* titans, level 60+ and contribution to be top 100 is must

Looking for 2 more active players! Come check us out if you’d like to be a part of a relatively relaxed, but ambitious clan!

Now looking for 1 after war (or before that as long as you’re not leaving flags behind)! Like the post says, relatively relaxed top 100 alliance, good bunch of folks! Come check us out or feel free to PM if you have any questions!

We are full as of April 1 ( it’s not a joke)

Now looking for 2! Have won 3 wars in a row and starting with a fresh war chest! Come check us out or PM me! :smiley: We’re a great band of folks, active and chatty, and would love to have you join us!

Now looking for 1 more! As mentioned before, we’re a fun and chatty group of folks who don’t take ourselves too seriously. We’re competitive, but at this level I’d classify us as one of the more laid back top 100s! Come check us out or PM me! :smiley:

We’re still looking for 1 more active player to join our ranks and make us full again! Come check us out after war (or after you’ve used all your flags :smiley: )!

Have one opening! As mentioned somewhere up the thread, we’re fun loving and pretty relaxed (we think! :laughing:) for a top 100 alliance! Looking for someone who has the same energy as us, please line me at jennscomet if you have any questions!

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