NEW ASCENSION is Looking for 1! TOP 100, but fun atmosphere! (2400 cups, 14* titans)

Formerly Titan Up, same great folks, under a different name! We’re looking for just 1 more person to join our family!
We’re a serious but fun loving group looking for someone who wants to slay titans, averaging 120k per titan (Chaining 14s since November 2020) and if participating in war, works well with others and group strategy. Hoping that your roster has 20 maxed 5s, but this is negotiable :smile:

We’re all active in the group and would love for someone just as active to join us. When full, we between 80s-110s (at our highest we were at 25), but we’re looking to continue to grow, so would love for you to come join us! Feel free to answer this thread if you have any questions or LINE: jennscomet!!

Are we full as you’re reading this? Join our waitlist at or Line our co lead at jennscomet!

Second war win in a row, and we have one more spot open for an active player! Come on by and check us out!

Never mind, actually third war win in a row! Still looking for one :slight_smile:

Darn it! Couldn’t keep the war streak going, but still looking for one active player! Come check us out or PM me if interested/have questions! :slight_smile:

Now looking for two active players to come and join us :smiley: Come by and check us out or feel free to line me: jennscomet!

Just won war, and looking for one more active player to join us! Feel free to line me or come on by! :smiley:

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Won war, have a fresh war chest starting! Just had one older player leave to settle things in real life, would love to have someone active to make us full again! Come check us out or feel free to Line me with questions!

Woke up to a war that we won by the skin of our teeth! Still looking for 2 more to fill us up again! Feel free to message if you have any questions, or just come and check us out! :smile:

Woo! 3rd war win in a row, just looking for one more person to make us full! If you’re looking for friendly folks who are active and competitive, you won’t find a better place! PM me or come check us out!

Will have one spot open after this war! Looking for players who are just as active and competitive as we are! Come check us out!

Won war, but the other team really gave us a run for our money! Came down to the last flags! Still have that one pesky opening that we’re looking to fill :slight_smile: If you’re active and interested in a friendly alliance, come check us out or feel free to PM or drop me a Line message!

Looking for one again! We won war, but had a member leave due to burn out with the game. Hoping for someone active who wants to join us in slaying titans and wars!

Just won war, but will have a member who’s going to take a break. Looking for someone who’s active, enjoys a friendly atmosphere, and enjoys taking down titans and kicking butt in wars! Come check us out or feel free to line me: jennscomet!

Once again, we’re looking for one to join us! Looking for someone active who wants to win wars and slay titans! :smile:

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13-14* titans, 100k average over last 10 killed titans is required.

Join us!

Won our 3rd war in a row, had someone leave due to real life. Do you enjoy a friendly but competitive atmosphere, taking down titans and winning wars? If so, come check us out or feel free to Line me: jennscomet

Titan Up is full, waiting list is open

Titan Up is now looking for one again! If you’re active and want a familial atmosphere, come check us out!

Full as of 08.24.2020.

We’re looking for one again! If you’re active and enjoy a friendly atmosphere, come check us out!

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