NEW ASCENSION is FULL! Fun and familial atmosphere! (2400 cups, 14* titans)

Now just looking for one! Check us out after the war!

Looking for two more lovely people to join us! Come check us out and have a good time!

We are full

Twenty titans …

Now looking for 3 folks to fill us back up! Familial alliance, with a goal of reaching the top! Come check us out!

Still have a couple of openings - one spot is reserved for a member on vacation

We are full as of 10.30.2020! Thank you everyone!

Now looking for one again! Competitive, but friendly and active members here :smile: If that’s what you’re looking for, come on by and join us!

Now looking for one again! Come check us out! As the ad says, we’re trying to grow and move up the ranks together, and hope that you can join us doing it!

We are full as for now

20 ascention items

Now looking for one again!

1 spot available
14* titans, war is optional

Looking for 2 in a couple hours after our titan dies! Won our last 3 wars and looking for active folks who want to reach the top together with us!

Come join us! Daily active players willing to share knowledge and grow stronger together live here :sunglasses:

Just won our 4th war in a row, still looking for two! Come check us out :slight_smile: Like mentioned above, active players who are growing together through sharing knowledge and would love for like minded players to join us! :smiley:

Now looking for one!

Last spot available! Chaining 14* titans even being one player short

Full now as of 12.1.2020!

One spot open! Chaining 14* titans, still a friendly and familial atmosphere, with active players who share knowledge! Looking for one like minded player!

Come to us! We have yummy ascention items :sweat_smile:

Looking for 2, possibly 3 folks to join us! Come and help us take down 14* titans!

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