NEW ASCENSION is FULL! Fun and familial atmosphere! (2400 cups, 14* titans)

We’re once again down a member and are looking for an active player to join us! Come check us out if you enjoy a friendly but competitive environment! :smile:

We were full, now looking for one more active player again! Come check us out or feel free to Line us!

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Twenty Titan Ups

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Now looking for 2! Feel free to message with questions or just stop on by!

Room left for one now! Come check us out!

Just won war and looking for 2 again due to some players taking a break! It’s a fun and familial environment, come by and see for yourself!

And now just looking for one more active player! Come see if we could be your new home!


13-14* titans, top 150 when full

Last spot available!

Now looking for two, grab a friend and join the fun!

We’re back down to one last spot! Come check us out!

These guys are super friendly and relaxed for being at this close-to-top competitive level. Highly recommend them.


Hey Homaclese how are you doing?

I hope you found what you was looking for in highly competitive alliance :wink:

Woohoo! Just won our second war in a row, still looking for one more active player to fill us up! Come check us out :smile:

This is still accurate, we are looking for a daily active player willing to grow and contribute

Just won another war, but still looking for that last elusive player to come join us! Come check us out!

One daily active player wanted

Still looking for one! Fun and familial alliance, with a goal of reaching the top together! If that’s for you, come check us out!

Recruitment is over, we are full

Now looking for 2 active players (one spot open now and one open later)! Come check us out!

One spot is available, come join us!

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