NEW ASCENSION - Competitive (top 100) alliance, 14* titans - LF 5 more!

We are long-term players who love each others company, have a great time and get things done.
Join us!

Line ID skelly840

We need 9 more members! Also contemplating a merger. DM or line me @rasputim

Bumping! Still in need of 9 good players! We’re still downing 14* titans preety easily.

Now we need 6 players! Join us!

Looking for quality players to bring us back to top 10.

This screenshot is from april, 10th:

Come join us! We can also consider take groups, if most meet our requirements.

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Bump! We need 6 more players!

Bump! If you are interested, line Id skelly840

Another bump! We are filling out fast!

Bump it up! Just joined new ascension and I’m quite impressed! We still need 4 more to be full and then we climb back to the top!!

Come check us out and ascend your game!

Just 5 more spots to fill!

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