New and want to learn!

Just new here so technically at the moment I don’t have a clue how to make a post lol!, but was just a general question on how to level up quick?, get better hero’s etc?, new to the game as I have just downloaded it so still have stuff to learn

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I heartily recommend Coppersky’s Compendium (game guide)!


In addition, as soon as you are able, join an alliance that is designed for new players. Mine is one, but there are others. It’s a good source of advice and support.


Levels do not mean as much in this game as they do in other games. I think that there are some benefits to being level 10 or so. I can’t really recall. It has been a while. After that, the only real benefit to leveling up are the extra hits on the titan, the extra world energy for farming materials, and the summon token.

The best advice that I can give you is to join an active alliance as soon as you are able to do so and have people there help you with the information mostly to help you avoid making mistakes that will either waste time or waste money.


no problem that’s perfect thanks & just an idea or it might of been mentioned before, how about while in an alliance and your training / upgrading things make it so theirs like a request to help?, so lowers the timing down by about 15 - 30 seconds or something?

Sounds like something that has been suggested before. It might be on the Shortlist thread, if you care to look. (If not, you can add the idea there.)

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