New and lost

Hi there.

I did start a bit over 1week ago, and would love some opinion on my box so far.
And any tip on my team setup?
And what to focus on from now on?

How much summons you used for that week?


Without sounding too harsh

It’s going to take a long time for you to level those characters up depending on your base

Forget about lvling your 5* for now you definitely won’t be seeing the ascention materials anytime soon. I’ve not lvled any of my 5s yet and have no major problems
I think your better off having 2 full 4s than one 5

Go with boldtusk, boril, little john , cypriian and Wu or li

Its probably the best option unless your willing to wait it out to lvl those 5s


You should first focus on having 1 main hero for each element.
You can level them with same-element disposable heroes (1 :star: and 2 :star:)

  1. Boldtusk
  2. Wu Kong
  3. Magni
  4. Domitia
  5. Little John

will be your heroes, Magni and Domitia could take a bit to get strong but their group buff isn’t half bad even with low ascension level. Boldtusk and Wu Kong will be your bread and butter, they are one of the best combination for attacking raids, challange events, titans and story mode.

  • Try to get at least a “Ramming Pulverizer” hero (-%defense to target): Blue-Grimm, Purple-Tiburtus, Red-Gormek to mix with Boldtusk and Wu Kong

  • Work to have a 3, 4 and (lately) 5 :star: team for challange events, a part of the game where you compete with others players for prizes with teams gated by star level (both items and heroes).

  • Keep at least a copy of each 2 and 3 :star: troops and feed all the others to the 4 :star: ones.

  • Join an alliance and start fighting titans to complate the third chest (the titans one) and start collect ascension materials to empower your heroes.

here 2 useful pics taken from this forum, good game!


I have been stupidly lucky.
Done like 15 * 300 summons.

Thanks guys.
Love all help here!!

I can see 14 heroes you have to get from summons. You’ve done way more than 15. I just refuse to believe it.

Everyone else covered it pretty well. 4* team is the correct way to go at first. You’ll get to use your 5* heroes months from now but at least you’ll get to look forward to it.

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Hmm, Wu Kong is better then Chao? :slight_smile:
Hate that miss that Wu Kong gives.

Chao is good in raid and boss in map but Wu Kong is a must for titans !


14/15 being 4 or 5*…that would spit in the face of the odds or be the extreme end of RNG…more extreme than one could expect. Maybe 15 10x summons would yield that team, but even then there would be a butt load of 3* showing. Interesting luck of true.

Wu Kong is the Monkey King, he can do Anything.

I use him for titans, raids and defence. Sure it sucks when a few tiles or a special misses.

Wu is the poor man’s 5 star.

“Git gud” and he’ll make you shine. See, with Wu it’s all about causing avalanches of tiles. Not just 3. Get the knack of causing combo’s. Now that 33% miss won’t matter anymore because the bonus damage tiles just keep hammering down. Basically you compensate for the miss penalty by sheer numbers. Thoroughly enjoyable.

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I see that a lot of ppl dont belove my summons, and after 3 years in Summoners War, I do understand you 100%.
I have only done 1 10x summon.
And some 1 and 1 300crystal summons.
I felt like it was really easy to get 4 and 5 stars here.
I so now understand that I have had an EXTREME rng luck on my side for once.
My 10x summons was elemental yellow.
As you can see, I got a few 4 stars on that summon… Had 1 Wu before that 10x summon.

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We just added a feature called Alliance War, which requires a deep bench of heroes (the more you have, preferable 4/5* but 3* works until you have higher, the better you will do.) Naturally, it will take time to level up all those heroes!

Take your time, learn what all the heroes do, ask your questions and learn what questions you didn’t even know to ask.

KEEP WU! :wink:

If you are a guide-kinda player, I heartily recommend Coppersky’s Compendium.

Good luck! And welcome to the Forum!


I would ask Rook to expand a bit on her recommendations.

First, read everything in the user guide forim. Much has changed, and it is necessary to glean from the posts as opposed to taking broad topic headings as gospel.

Second, the 30 hero thing is a shiboleth (spellcheck). You have to want go to war. Usually, you are going to do this in support of an alliance.

Alliances shoild be a step on the path, but build first. Knowledge an alliance can impart is here. And titan fighting can add some resources by merely hitting the beast, but it has a time.

The primary aim should be figuring out the game, and planning what you wish to do.

Lol I pulled alberich on my first summon when I started playing and I thought 5 stars are easy to get, the more you play the more you will realize how lucky you got

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not to harp or anything, but you have 7 non yellow summons. As such at a minimum you made 1 10X yellow summon and 7 single epic summons which produced 2 5* and 5 4*. Now with all of that you have BT at the 3rd ascension, Chao at the 2nd, Wu Kong to almost the 2nd and Little John to almost the 3rd. To level Cyprian to level 34 takes 12,584 experience. I note this as I have a 1.1 4* and putting 10 1.1 5s gives just short of level 34. a 3 of the same color gives 756 xp, 2* is 468xp, while a 1* is 180xp. To move a 4* from the 2nd Ascension to the 3rd Ascension is 25,536 or 54.5 2* heroes of the same color.

As a person who as spent a sizable amount on this game. 5 Delilahs in inventory, 0 Guardian Panthers, but 2 Kongs and 2 Owls… sigh. You spent about $400 on gems.

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Why does it matter anyways?


Pretty much. In the end, it’s not what we spend, but how we play the game. :wink:

Hi again all.

Since there is a lot of “You have to spend this and that amount”.
I had to check my google account, so actually see how much I have spend on the game so far.
And the result is 128.75$

  • Super start pack (7.18$)
  • Rage pack (28.57$)
  • 30 days vip (7.18$)
  • Army package (42.93$)
  • Barrel of jewels (42.93$)

As I guess you alreay know, in this packs there is some coins for summons.
That I havent made in my 300gems count.
Cause they didnt cost me 300gems :slight_smile:

Sorry, but I’m telling the truth guys.
And I’m NOT the guy, that don’t admit that I do pay to play games.
And my luck here, have been just sick!

True. I love this game so far, and hope the love will continue :heart_eyes:

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Am i the only one wondering if you have an alliance?