New and improved Defence team

Hey guys, lately my defence hasn’t been doing to well constantly getting killed off by everyone who attacks me, so i though id have a better chance of finding a good defence if i ask all you good folks for some advice. These are the hero’s that i have at a decent level, can you look through my hero’s and let me know who you think would be good on my defence and what formation to put them in. Thanks guys and happy gaming


At a glance, your roster is a killer. So many heroes that do well on offense.

My opinion for a lineup with those hero for defense would be

Aouda, toxi, diaochan, pengi, gefjon

What’s your troop levels?


with this kind of roster, u should easily stay in 2500-2600 cups

my take is:

odin - freya - krampus - pengi - regular killhare

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I’d try W formation with Aouda, Diochan, Guan Yu, Pengi, Zenobia.

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Well my troops are lvl 23 main & lvl 11 secondary for each colour. Ive already tried this team before in double and reverse, what formation are you thinking and what hero’s in what positions?

First off i loved your vids when you used to post :slightly_smiling_face: what formation and what hero’s where? Ill give it a try

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Thanks for putting the formation, which hero’s where? Is it left to right from how you’ve written it?

Yes. That’s the way you should orient them and see how it test drives. If you want, you could also switch Pengi and Zenobia.

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regular formation, what i mentioned is from left to right

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You did not share troops… If all are at 17 mana troops than its good. Otherwise focus on troops levelling. Especially manatroops

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Give Mana troops lv.23 priotity to krampus and killhare.

The rest is using the secondary best troops you can give

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I have a level 23 mana troop for all five colours and i have a level 11 mana troop for 4 colours and a level 9 mana troop for yellow

Inverse V or M formation for starters

Add crit troops to diaochan to make her more sterdy… She don’t need mana boost that much and extra healing percentage by mana troops will overwhelmed by extra health in Crit troops