New and active alliance looking for recruits

Black Titans Alpha is a new alliance looking for active players. If you’re looking for a team of active and interactive players Black Titans Alpha may be the group for you. Our alliance is open to any player level with the sole requirement of being a regularly active player in the game. Join us as we take on titans, war with rivals, and share our triumphs and woes.

Hey, Beck, hope you’re having a good day.

I currently lead a small alliance, Lone Hunters. We have 8 members of lower to mid level, 6 of whom are very active. It tends to be a pretty quiet group of folks who do their own thing but can be counted on for Titan fighting. We’ve not gotten into wars; one of the original premises was letting people get their feet wet without the pressure and worries associated with many alliances.

If you like, look us up and see if you think there may be a good fit. We are just getting into 3* Titans and struggling because we don’t have the bodies and/or hitting power. As you know, recruiting is tough so I asked the group about merging. I’m still getting thoughts.

Thanks for your time.

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