"New" alliances in war must be resolved

I have my own alliance now.
Can anyone please share info on what tactic on to stay only with 3* titans?
At the moment we have the first 3*.
Thank you for your time and advising!:innocent:

Your contribution is quite off-topic.

But I still want to answer it briefly.
If you kill one Titan near the end, you will let the next one escape.
Announce this in the Allianz Nachrichten. That all attack only once.
So next time everyone has full energy.
Guaranteed not to stay at 3 *.
Perhaps you create higher titans from time to prime.

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It appears SG has given up and decided this isn’t fixable, which is a shame since War is still one area that provides incentive to summon better heroes.

Our last war - we faced one of the scammer teams that rotates between alliances to fill the war chest every 5 wars. Almost all players were within a few points of 4700TP with 30 level troops. Our team has 2 or 3 at 4700 and maybe a handful of 30 level troops spread across all 23 teams. It was slaughter we lost by over 2000 points.

These jerks all left the alliance right after matchmaking ( I assume to hit the titan in their other alliance) and then joined again right before the start of war. Then left after using their flags, only to return prior to the end of the war to collect their loot.

So basically is giving us all that want to play and war fairly a big finger by ignoring this issue and removing incentive for us to even care about improving, as what’s the point if you’re going to be matched against alliances such as this regularly, which we are. It flat out sucks.

If they can’t figure out a way to stop this from happening, then they should remove past performance from the war calculation, so at least alliances won’t be penalized for sticking together and performing well. I was here playing before they made the change, and matchups weren’t perfect, but they never were as lopsided as a few we’ve been in over the last few months.

Or they have made new ally and try to build it up. Like we did, got way too easy wars, way too easy titans and we went hunt for titans all the time, when war wasn’t on, because we didn’t want to waste flags. Same time, we got very angry messages from our opponents. I hate assuming.


Not the case here. Leader was a level 5 player that had formed the alliance about 90 days ago. Was an obvious exploit of matchmaking.

Well, that sounds more like merc ally to me. Place were peeps go for wars and jump around killing titans other times.

If that was the case, they would generally all be there for each war and their war score would be much higher. It was clear exploit. No way they should be matched against an alliance of our strength if they hadn’t been gaming the system.

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