"New" alliances in war must be resolved

Absolutely right, we fight as a team, and WE lost as team or WE win as a team, never I or only one of us.
The pairing the game is unfair sometimes, what we can do is only play as a team, and after finish the war (regardless of the result), to congratulate each our members for the efforts in the war.


Why must a new alliance start at 0 history? This is the problem. If war score takes into account the last 20 wars then why can’t a new alliance start with an inflated score of 10 wins instead of 0? This would have saved us 10 mismatched wars and started us out where we should have been. @Petri it is really frustrating apologizing for so many mismatches just because we started a new alliance. It is frustrating for both sides. If you look at our past 10 wars we’ve won them all by doubling the opponents score.

From the comments here it seems that we are not the only ones seeing this issue. I personally would love to be matched with this “best alliance” that @vanZille speaks of so we can give them a taste of their own medicine for purposely matching low for an easy win. :slight_smile:


This has gotten very bad for our alliance lately as well. We range from 3500-4300 with 20+ participants.

3 wars ago it was every team over 4400 and a loss by 3000+. That alliance was formed 14 days before we fought them. Next war we won as the matching was good as the teams were balanced. Was a 200 or 300 point difference. This past war was another 3000+ loss from a 4200-4700 12 day old alliance. This upcoming war looks good as far as matchup is concerned.

We just brought in 3 new members and they saw this last wars opponent and first thing they said “geez you guys got shafted on the matchup”. We had 3 teams higher then their lowest team :frowning:

It is really discouraging to our lower level members as we work with them constantly to improve rosters and team synergy during wars and now they use 6 flags and score 50 points doing cleanups only. Heck, I even get discouraged and say it was just a bad matchup, it will be better next time but it’s becoming more frequent.

We’ve hit the newly formed alliance in 3 of last 8 wars and honestly if it doesn’t improve in the next month a few people plan stop participating in wars and 1 said in 2+ years playing I’ve never seen such garbage matchmaking and is planning on quitting the game.

The game is supposed to be enjoyable, not an endeavour of anger & frustrations.

(summons excluded as thats based around making more money for SG so we all understand the universal frustrations of pulls)

While i do understand frustration and agree some people do exploit this without a reason, i want to remind you that many people do not throw at this game cash like nothing.

Keep beeing competitive for all of things without spending for flasks, ascension materials, heroes and emblems is almost impossible on a certain level, so people resolve to throw something away to keep playing.

This something is beeing in a top alliance, because of course, all of things are much more difficult in there (like materials, titans, organization and so on).

So before calling out on cowardice, play for 3 years or stop spending all togheter.


I’m not really mad, I’m just sorry for my teammates struggling to find a target, wouldn’t be science to match the 30 best heroes + a bit win/lose :slightly_smiling_face: Thing is that none does listen to the base, maybe they even laugh at us. Still having fun but cant imagine a new player getting into our game. :thinking: did you meet an alliance who thought they were clever until they saw what they got :smile:

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Might be worth mentioning a couple of proposals which some might be interested in.


I don’t understand your point. Are you saying that this is ok? Alliances are gaming the matchmaking system because they spend money and want to win is an acceptable excuse?

It is one thing with @Uclapack having issues because they are starting a legitimate new alliance with experienced players. Although the experience is showing that match history is a much bigger component of the war score that we were led to believe. I remember people were dismissing the history score as a minimal factor. However, it sounds like it is weighing higher than the hero power.

However, it is a different issue that alliances use revolving door alliances to get easier match ups which frustrates long-term alliances.


At least be honest and don’t call yourselves the best, call your alliance “those who want no challenge”, at best with that: :yawning_face:
:joy: maybe I’m unfair on opponents, but we experienced that so many times since playing. BTW war loot is crap! :smile:


I’m saying that at some point if you want to keep beeing competitive in all things (titans, wars, tournaments, events) you MUST spend, or you simply can’t.

If you want to hold your ground in some things without spending, you must search alternative ways.

I ask you one thing on reverse:
Exploit war matchmaking is unfair, right?

Isn’t it unfair the same competing in events with one person using 500 retries and another only 20?

Isn’t it unfair the same one person collecting 500 materials from the map due gem flasking and another only 20 due limited energy?

Isn’t it unfair the same trying to do damage on a titan with one person without key heroes avalaible only on limited time events?

All this advantage is gained through money, war matching for free.

Is because is free that make it more unfair?
Tell me.

Yes it is, limited reruns in challenge events would be great! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Talking in general about war shifters.

Those are just kids that deserve a good spank.


Sure, got it, just wanted to put that in the mix too :wink: got a list of suggestions, just too lazy to make an own thread :smile:

Honestly, no. The other examples aren’t unfair. The game is set up so that you can get an advantage by spending. That’s something that people acknowledge up front. I don’t spend so I know I am not going to compete with the big boys and that’s acceptable.

What is not acceptable is gaming the system. Since we can’t see everyone’s total roster, I am going to guess that some of these revolving alliances probably have top tier heroes but want to avoid matching up with equivalent strength alliances.

This game is supposedly set up to match people up with similar rosters for raids and wars. So all those unfairness that you said people get by paying is supposed to balance itself out by matching teams with somewhat similar power rankings. If you pay to get more resources, materials or heroes, you should be matching up with similar type of players.

Alliances who are dependent on TC20 with rosters reflecting that, should not be matched up against GTV alliances because they want to avoid playing in the “big boy league”, but have the roster to fit in.

Challenge events are a completely different conversation and irrelevant to this thread.


Kingston singing:


What if i told you that thanks to this “gaming the system” you can compete with the “big boys” without spending a dime every single event?

Could you understand why some people doing it?

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I don’t understand your thinking. Are you suggesting that we should be thankful that alliances that have top tier heroes who game the matchmaking system so that we can get obliterated by them?

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I’m suggesting that some people are doing it to still compete on the monthly event.

I’m specifically doing it to still compete there without spending.

A game should not force people doing “extreme things” just to keep the pace.

That’s what i’m saying.
How the game turn lately as forced many people to find other ways.

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I understand it is done to get resources and open more war chests. But people that want fair fights at their level aren’t enjoying the game when this happens to them.

So someone may justify it as “hey, I’m just playing the game to get the most from it” but the tactic is bullying smaller alliances and that’s what SGG need to stop.

If you start a new alliance and you have 30 people with 4K plus teams your war score should be set accordingly to play teams of that level.

And then all the incentives would leave to do this and it would stop.


Sorry, you lost me on competing on the monthly event. How does alliance switching help with that? I wasn’t aware of any event where war wins was a consideration.


Alliance shifter give up on high titans.

High level titans gives better rewards, but cost you many items every attack.
Items you can spare facing low level titans and that you may use on the event.

There are two ways to score in events:

  • a crazy lot retries (that require spending)
  • a crazy lot items (that with this system, you don’t need to spend for)

Still giving up on high level titans preclude you the best source of loot in the game, so people try to compensate it (partially) with war loot.

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