New Alliance War rules

So we have these new rules but I need help with them.

–" Each war now has a specific War Rule in effect. War Rules change how the enemy team is supported during battles." What does this mean exactly? Is this just all teams must have 5 heroes or that there are going to be some kind of rotating rules?

–‘Revenge Attack’ now deals damage relative to the health remaining instead of a fixed amount of damage.-- Okay, but relative to their health or our health?

–‘Revenge Attack’ has been renamed to ‘Enemy Arrows’.-- unnecessary but okay I get this one.

–‘Enemy Boost’ increases the attack power of enemy heroes.-- Where does this boost come from and when does it happen and why is it needed?

–‘Enemy Aid’ heals all enemy heroes.-- Again, same as above: Where, when and why?

The war rules are the three other things you are asking about: Enemy buff/aid/arrows. So each war has one of these three as the old revenge attack.

Arrows: Relative to your own health, so your heroes take certain % of damage of their own curreny health.

Boost and aid: they replace replace the revenge arrows (see the rules), so they come when the revenge bar is full. Why are they needed? To make wars more intresting and one, it was one of the most commom suggestion to add other effect as the revenge attack.

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Is there some place this is all spelled out that I missed? If what you say is true why not just say, “Revenge attack will now be a possibility of one of three(arrows, boost or aid)” instead of how it is stated which makes it sound as if a random attack will happen when revenge meter is full and a separate lines adding in boost and aid. The way SG has it currently written sounds like they are all happening within each fight.

Before the War starts, an icon will appear next to the enemy team that will tell you which help they will get from the 3 options…

You then, prepare your team and attacks for that kind of help!!!


I get the icon tells us which if the three we are going against, but how do we know what advantage we have in defending? For example, if I have Enemy Aid helping heal me I want to remove my healer and add something to reduce their mana to avoid hard hero hits…

Do we have the same buff as our opponents?

In our case they have 20% of defense more, does it mean we have the same than ours? We do not see it in the display

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Yes, you have the same buff as your opponents…

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We were very critical in Beta tests about this format so let’s see what people think!!!

Wait, did I misunderstand?

Are the enemy arrows only in a war if the icon says arrows? I read that as the arrows were still there and that either boost or aid was to be added to make up for nerfing the arrows.

Please advise.

I had read it the same way, and I’m a pretty careful reader. Now it looks like the arrows are just one of the three options we’ll be facing each war. If I only see those arrows every third war, that will be fine with me :wink:

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AMD, from your beta experience, pls tell me if arrows are off if not an option, or are they always on?

Correct, war arrows on one of three possible war rules. There will be no arrows tomorrow. They are replaced by healing of the defender.

This change calls for a rethink of both offense and defense. Both need to be more attack-oriented.

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Thx, Kerridoc. Seems a big shift toward attack teams. Guessing some players will want the arrows back.

Yeah… It was a blast out in Beta so I suppose will it be the same among other alliances…

I guess that the 2 or more healers lost a little of power and power defense is the way to go

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