New alliance : Viking Vanquishers

I have started a new alliance. The leader is very active. Leader: Justwannatrytodowell 3 members so far 2 over 3,000. The alliance is called VIKING VANQUISHERS. The rules are: Titans are mandatory but wars are optional. You are allowed to kick people who are members after 3 days. Elders get demoted after 4 days then kicked at 8 days. Co-leaders get demoted to elder after 4 days then get demoted to member at 10 days. People get promoted to elder after 30 days and co-leader after 60-90 days 60- Participates in wars and attacks titans 90- Attacks Titan but opts our of wars. If you don’t attack titans and opt out of wars then you will be kicked. Break rules, get demoted. After this time again u will get promoted again.

We need people.
We are friendly
We chat
We work together

Titans mandatory
Wars optional but would like people to participate.

Name: Viking Vanquishers
Description: Conquering all comers
Language: English ( Don’t mind )
Required trophies: 0 ( Changing soon )
Leader: Justwannatrytodowell
Type: Open

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What country are you based

We are based in UK. Hope to see u In Viking Vanquishers

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