New Alliance! The Elk


I’m Elivy and I’ve just started my own alliance ‘The Elk’.

I have been a very active and competitive player for 3 years now. I learned a lot in my previous alliance. From experience I know it’s not easy to join an existing tight-knit alliance, and I don’t want to waste my time looking for what I may never find, so I’m starting one myself.

So now I’m looking for good, active members.

The set of requirements is quite elaborate, but I really want to achieve something.

*War is not mandatory, but if you participate you use all your flags. Preferably 6 full teams.

*You hit the Titan at least 3x a day, or for at least 100k damage.

*We work with a war roster with coordinated tanks.

*Line is required, but purely game related. You can add me: Elivy

*After 7 days you will become elder.

*If you are inactive for 3 days without notice, we will remove you from the alliance.

  • Missed Titan flags or war flags will first give you a warning, if this happens again you will be downgraded to rank, the 3rd time you will be kicked.

I realize that my requirements are fairly high, but I am also aiming for a top 1000 alliance.

In exchange for active and competitive players, I am willing to spend my time in:

*Keeping Titan Logs

*Keeping war logs

*Prepare and post war grids

  • Track member progress

*Giving advice on team lineups

*Posting new heroes

*Posting future events

You can always send me a message at line

Line ID: Elivy


Good luck with building your new alliance! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Thanks! Luck is all I need :stuck_out_tongue:!

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Wow! That’s a huge commitment in time and effort - I too wish you tons of success with recruitment and gaining enthusiastic Co-Leads that will help you with your goals. GL


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@ElIvy & Kitt are a dynamic duo.

If you’re an active daily player, you won’t regret getting in contact!


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