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Emipre of the sith is a newly formed alliance with 8 active players.we are from an old alliance that was getting a little stale so we decided to start a fresh. We would welcome any and all players from new to experienced. We have several 4k plus player’s in the ranks. And we have been together in previous alliance for over a year and have gain valuable experience and knowledge. We also have our line group with all hero’s and game info which is updated when new material comes out. All we ask is that you hit the titans and if you opt in for wars you use all your flags.

My line I’d is naggarthe1st. Or stop by empire of the sith.

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Thanks Sarah. I would welcome the merger but would be merger into our alliance though. Thanks again

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Thanks for the reply. I read your ad and made an assumption that you would be similar to TBD.

Apologies, my post was spontaneous as I should have checked your alliance in game. I incorrectly thought all 8 of your members were in your old alliance. :dizzy_face: However, you have a more diverse range of levels than we do, so my initial assumption was incorrect.

We’re also happy where we are, so moving wouldn’t have been an option anyway. Regardless, Good luck with recruiting. :grin:

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No worries. Thanks for coming back to my reply n good luck in the future sarah

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