New Alliance start up

Crimson Avengers looking for veterans and new players. Easy going no pressure. Experienced player to help you grow.

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I Love Captain America! I am also a patriot! I would Love to jion your group!

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My game name is Red Blood.

Would love to have you, look up Crimson Avengers and jump in!

Thank you sir!! Is there alot of drama sir in your guild?

I joined a alliance from Iraland my first day playing the game. Everything was fine until one of the players starting talking about burning our world and everone in it. I am a patriot. I stood up. One of the co-leaders kicked me out. Nether the Elder or second comand told him too.

Thats some drama for playing a simple game. Sorry to hear that. Im a former Ranger, and Olympian and i bleed red, white, and blue. Politics and crazy talk have no place in this game. I stay away from that and not in my alliance.

Why a Ranger? That sounds cool!

Is that Army ? My Grandfather is a VET. That is why I ask.

Sorry sir! I was not trying to be political. I just love anyone who is willing to be a Hero!

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