New Alliance of experienced players

Hey everyone, we are a brand new alliance of experienced players. Most have been playing together for quite some time bouncing from alliance to alliance trying to find a good fit. So we decided to start our own. We have a good mix of mid range and high level players and are all about teaching our members the ins and outs of the game. We are currently fighting 7* titans but rising fast. Started out wars 4-0 and looking to continue the streak. We have a developed war strategy and attack like a swarm of angry bees :slight_smile: . Its not uncommon for us to flip the board with 1 shots. We are trying to build slowly to make sure anyone new that comes aboard likes the fit. We have no room for drama and require Line for communication. Looking for players with 6 war teams and a defense team of 3500 or more, but that is negotiable. Also willing to take on newer players that are eager to learn! If this sounds like a good fit for you check us out. Alliance name is Cowbells…cuz we got a sickness and the only cure is more cowbell :smiley:

Did i mention that a couple of our players have fought in top alliances and occasionally fill the #1 spot on the global cups leaderboard :slight_smile:

Still looking for that one new member we can add after war…

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