New Alliance of Bigger players not matched correctly for Wars

Our Alliance has been growing and keeping new members encouraged about Wars. We are currently matched up against an Alliance 12 days old full of huge members but with a low War Score because they are new. It’s unfair, And I hope this is fixed. Thank You

That Alliance is 12 days old, with a low War Score with doesn’t match the members we are fighting.:disappointed_relieved:

please post pictures of alliance war scores, not alliance score for both yours and your opponent. war match should not be that skewed because major weight for matching is hero rosters, troop rosters and participating players.
Thus the only criteria that could be skewed is previous war history

war score can be found by clicking on the ? next to score, see below.

Thank You for checking, most of these teams were all big and strong both in hero’s and troops, their additional teams were strong as well. Almost every member we had fought. One was Offshore and could not fight. Our smaller members had to pretty much hope and pray we could soften some teams up. After all we want to keep them encouraged.

LMBO to top this off I did 2 ×10 special event pulls and most were 3s hero’s I already had. Not 1 5s😣 The only 2 4s hero’s out of the 20, 1 I had and the other is weak. Is there something that can be changed about the pulls. At this point it was very expensive feeders. And very discouraging! This has happened too frequently😟.

Thanks Andre!! :blush: We’re wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!! If you celebrate it that is.:poultry_leg::clinking_glasses:


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The same thing has happened again. Huge players with huge teams. How can the War Score be correct if the opposing Alliance is only 109 days old? yet their War Score is very close to ours. We have grown into a Team we’re proud to say puts 100% into each War. Then this😐.


War Scores

That’s because the base war score is calculated from the power of the top heroes and troops each member of the alliance has. Only after that initial calculation will the win/loss record of the alliance then modify this base score up or down.
A new alliance formed by veteran players with good benches will still have a high war score, because they have good heroes to begin with. As the alliance wins or loses, this may go up or down depending on how well their wars go.

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Hi Paulson!
What I’m trying to say is that their War score doesn’t reflect their true power. With their size and strength, there War score would have been much higher. Just the fact that it matches ours is daunting. The War Score does not reflect their true power because they are a new Alliance. If they had been fighting as long as we have as an Alliance. Their War score would have been quite a bit higher than ours.

Forgive the spelling error in your name. Paulon spell check changed it, and I didn’t notice😃

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