New Alliance: Hootsforce

Fight for the King, for the Hammer and the Ring!

Currently recruiting, open membership.

Do you have what it takes to fight for the glory of Dundee?

Join us! For the honor of HOOTS!
1000 Trophies min.
Titan and War hits insure your position in the alliance.

It might pay to add

  • the level titans you’re hitting
  • any minimum TP level you want

Filling a new alliance can be a tough, GL

Thank you.

We’re just starting out 1* titans.

All who want to build their teams are welcome.

FWIW - merging with an established alliance will get you a regular source of non-farmable AMs. The higher the titan level, the better your chances of good loot. Nevertheless, Good Luck.

If you are interested in a merge, you can check us out! We have a very active, fun team! We have always been full, but due to the pandemic, many had job changes, family issues, etc. and have left the game. We went from battling 9* titans to 7* because of the decline in members. Most of us are very experienced players (2-3yrs). We help and encourage each other. We do strategize war and the decreased roster has not affected our winning there. Alliance is RockeyRampage. We can help you grow and get the ascension materials you will need👍🏼 I can change trophy requirements if need be

Still looking for active players. Everyone welcome. If you join, please be sure to use all Titan and War flags.

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