New alliance fresh start

Fated Warriors

New Alliance / Long time players seeking new members who are active and pay attention to alliance msgs. Requirements are as follows
Lvl 50 & up
Hit Titan daily
War is optional flag use is NOT. If you opt into war you MUST use all flags. For war we will have matching tanks.
Come CK us out or send me a msg on discord Erie#5241.
Preference is that you have discord for alliance msgs-updates/monthly calendar’s ect.

Multiple spots open come ck us out

Hey @Erie! I see a few of you broke off from RK. Are you looking to start fresh or would you be up for a merger? At Turpitude, we’ve had some retirements and have enough spots for the group. It’s chill & laid back and we are chaining 14* titans. Have a good war strategy. Would love to run with you, X & TC again.

Appreciate the offer but we’re gonna give this a go.

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Best of luck to y’all! Happy gaming :slight_smile:

Multiple spots open come ck us out

Come ck us out………… open spots

Open spots, trying to build a reliable but fun alliance. Active players wanted. Come ck us out.

Open spots avail. Come ck us out.

Let me know if you change your mind about a merger! We’d love to have you all in Legends of Space.

Discord: ux_J
Line: uxjulia

We are not interested in a merger.

Open spots play on ur own time. Titan hits required war optional.