New Alliance...Creative Juices Flowing

Starting a new alliance for those who are beyond casual but want something more. We are a friendly, active and social group of people with a good amount of experience in the game. Daily participation in titans and Alliance Wars is expected. Missing a war or a titan is a rare event and you try to let us know in advance. You take extra shots to finish the titan. You cringe if someone leaves the alliance in the middle of a war or doesn’t use their flags. We want players that we don’t have to police because you want to be here. We all want to have fun.

We enjoy sharing and helping to grow players who are newer to alliances. We are still learning as well. You want to try to better the team and encourage new strategies. More than willing to learn and work together to better the team and enjoy doing so.

You are genuinely happy to see people advance or make an achievement and routinely communicate on the alliance forum. Share experiences and life beyond the game. It is a journey, not a destination.

1200 cup minimum (negotiable for the right players)
Hit the titan daily
Use all 6 flags in Alliance Wars
Constantly seeking to better yourself (and subsequently the alliance) by active game play

Ready to get your Creative Juices Flowing?

Not sure how big you guys are, but we have 4 and possibly 6 spots open.

I am Spartacus!


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