New alliance challenge type (war tournament)

Maybe there can be some new kind of alliance challenge (“war tournament”) which is the combination of alliance wars and raid tournament.
So these can be the rules, which are different than a normal war:

  • Only special maximum hero rarities are allowed (max 3/4/5 star)
  • Only special colors and/or classes of heroes are allowed.
  • These kind of challenges can last for multiple days (3-5) like the raid tournament, and a new opponent is chosen after every day
  • Maybe the flag can be decreased (to 4-5) and all of them can be used during all day
  • The loot will be given at the end of the “war tournament” by loot tier like the raid tournament.
    The points can be given by these logic:
    Win : 1500 points
    Draw: 1000 points
    Loss : 500 points.
    Based on the win/loss ratio additional points can be awarded:
    Lets assume that Alliance “A” wins with 3000 points, while “B” only got 2000 points.
    Alliance A get 1000 * (3000 / (2000 + 3000)) = 600 points.
    Alliance B get 500 * (2000 / (2000 + 3000)) = 200 points.
    In case of draw both team receives additional 250 points. (500 * X / (X+X) = 250)
    Maybe some negative points can be given by unused flag ratio:
    If 10% of the available flags are unused for an alliance, then 500 * 10% = 50 points will be substracted from the points.

Before each war tournament each alliance team member need to decide if he/she want to participate in the next war tournament. Only those players are allowed to participate, who has got 15 heroes that qualifies to the criterias (hero max rarity and class and color)

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