New! All Updated Hero Rosters



@Pois1 as these are corrected all the way to Dec 2018, the date in the opening post is misleading.

Do you want to put a brief blurb:

Last updated on ____ in the first post?


These are and always will be updated on the first day of each month. I never forget. If there is some date which can confuse anyone (I don’t see it now) please remove it. No need to add when it was updated since I really update this on the first day of each month because the new HotM is out.


Thank you Marv, I totally missed that!


Looks like SG made a silent update to the card. I only heard about it the other day.


Look at the first post. It is dated January 2018. That’s what I was referring to. :slight_smile:


Yeah, got it now. Could it be changed?
I added the date at the top.


Perfect! :slight_smile:

The other date shows when you started the thread. Your “updated on” clues folks in that this is still being updated. :+1:


Awesome as always…great work!!


@Pois1 Not sure if anyone mentioned this up farther and I’m feeling lazy so I’ll just post it and hope I’m not just reposting something. Kageburado is listed as the wrong class, he’s a barbarian not a rogue.


Also this is really awesome and great work thank you so much for all this work!


Thanks a lot. Mistake corrected.


Thanks for adding the hero class icons to the guide @Pois1. I never seem to remember the ones for the 3-stars.


Thanks again. Always great work!!!


thanks a lot for your time and your work dude…

is there a reason i don´t get why the purple roster-charts includes the heros of the month while the other colors don´t?


Sorry, I don’t understand your question. There are all Heroes of the Month in all rosters plus they have their own HotM Roster.


no, i am sorry… absolutly my bad…

there are that less blue heroes than in other colors so you combined blue 3*+4*-heroes on one chart…

thanks again for your work - although it started all over again by the riddles of wonderland…