New! All Updated Hero Rosters



I agree. But if it helps to achieve a better matchmaking in wars I am all but for it!


I noticed that you probably not have some heroes to update their power.
For Rana, it’s 772 after the 15.1 update.


And for 4*:
Hansel : 646
Gafar : 649
Merlin : 645


Incredible! Thanks for all the info and the good image design with all the value :smiley:


the SG should benefit him with at least one Guine. hahaha


These are amazing, and I’ve finally logged in to tell you so. Thanks so much!!


4 heros to update :

  • gretel : 646
  • yunan : 770
  • rana : 772
  • gardian owl : 765


I really like the charts you made, and I am also collecting the hero’s little avatar. Can you tell me where I can get these image resources?


thank you, but heroes skills are inaccurate. for example kelile 294 damage in 6 turns


Looks accurate to me.

Is your kelile fully levelled? The special skill description will increase as the hero imoroves


Description for Mitsuko is a bit off: “Reduces the mana of the target and nearby enemies by 20%” (not just target)


Christmas Heroes added.


Thank you. Corrected.


SS description for Buddy got cut off at the end.


Thank you madmarv, corrected.


Just a thank you, great job! Happy new year to you!


Inari missed on Sakura family members list. Thank you for doing these, greatly appreciated.


This is amazing! Thanks for sharing.


This is awesome! Thanks for sharing!!


Lady Locke has gotten a buff to her SS. Her card now shows 869 damage over 4 turns.