New! All Updated Hero Rosters



I agree. But if it helps to achieve a better matchmaking in wars I am all but for it!


I noticed that you probably not have some heroes to update their power.
For Rana, it’s 772 after the 15.1 update.


And for 4*:
Hansel : 646
Gafar : 649
Merlin : 645


Incredible! Thanks for all the info and the good image design with all the value :smiley:


the SG should benefit him with at least one Guine. hahaha


These are amazing, and I’ve finally logged in to tell you so. Thanks so much!!


4 heros to update :

  • gretel : 646
  • yunan : 770
  • rana : 772
  • gardian owl : 765


I really like the charts you made, and I am also collecting the hero’s little avatar. Can you tell me where I can get these image resources?