New! All Updated Hero Rosters



Just tested to be sure:
Took my skittleskull to 5-8.
His special did ~700 dmg both the rat and the bat (red & violet).

Edit: and no, there was not any debuffs on the rat, and we’re talking about dmg from a single special.

You can test it yourself if you do not believe, easily done on the map :slight_smile:


Am I correct in assuming that some former HotM become regular Legendary Heroes at a certain point? That is the way it looks to me.
BTW…outstanding charts…


Atm no.
SG has stated that old HotM’s will return, but we don’t know how.
Reguler suggestion has been to make them normal heroes after a certain time, but we will see whay SG decides to do.

Hero of the Month - From June 17 til June 18

this ia helpful information is this print friendly


Thank you so much for putting this up on line, but is there any chance getting this in a excel file or so?


The excel files are mine :slight_smile:


Ok, I understand was just thinking since you share them here, you would not mind passing them on.


Here’s some ascension information not sure if you have all of their information already


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:clap::clap::clap: Sin palabras. Sencillamente maravilloso


Speechless. Simply wonderful

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They changed gretel’s special. My gretel is level three special and she deals 190% damage to the enemy. Idk what a maxed gretel looks like.


Petri responded that this is a bug, so her stats will be returned to the previous version soon


Yes thank you for mentioning that. I didn’t think to do so.


My Red Hood has added description for the minion:
“The minion prevents its owner from losing mana to effects that drain mana.”


Where are the Training Heroes? :thinking:

Trainers are people too! :laughing:


Can you do a similar list for troops?


Please, make the difference between Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary Hero’s…

That makes it worth… Don’t combine the Rare, Epic and Legendary Hero’s…

Ex :
1 & 2 * Hero’s are Common
3 & 4 * Hero’s are Rare, and
5 * Hero’s are Legendary

Because it cost 300 diamonds… It is not easy you know to collect 300 diamond… We have to be so very patience for it but it’s worth…

I just spent 300 diamond, only for KAILANI (3 * Hero) and i got it on EPIC HERO SUMMON… ???

It’s very disspointed… 300 Diamond for only 3 * Hero…


The Trainer Heroes are here since 21.4.2018. Look again.



Ah, I see. I overlooked the image due to the lack of color and expecting them to be a part of the main roster.

Thanks for pointing that out.