New! All Updated Hero Rosters



Are they ordered? First - The best one and Last - the worst one?


Attack + Defense + Health.


Total is Attack+Defense+Health and heroes are in alphabetical order.


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FWIW, I don’t find the Total column to be meaningful. The Power stat is SG’s summary statistic.


I added this because I wanted it there. It is an interesting number for me.
Unlike the power stat, the total actually gives some information.


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I am always referencing this when discussing/ comparing/ contemplating different heroes, their stats and their special abilities.


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Nice. I pulled a 10x epic hero. I bought gems in hopes of getting a rabbit. I received 10 all ten of them 3 star hero’s. When it was done giving me several bane and others i already have i clicked back on the epic summons. All the rabbits were pixel. So i was glitching. Very very very disappointed. Definetly rethinking this game


I apologize if this seems like a dumb question, but when the cards reference percentages, what number exactly are they percentages of?


Attack stat.
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Thank you.
So in the case of Sargasso, for example (deals 335% damage, where his attack stat is 729) he will reduce the health of the target by 2440?


Yes, but that is a raw number. You must add to that the enemy defense and elemental influence and any buff debuff involved


Elements do not affect special dmg, unless otherwise stated (for example Hel).
But yes, defense is the key part here, that usually reduces over 60% of the dmg.


Of course it affects on defensive side!
The same special fired from Magni for example, if you fire against Marjana or against Horghall, even if they have the same defense stats at the moment, Horghall will get less damage for sure, because ice attacks from any matter affects green with less damage