New! All Updated Hero Rosters



Horghall Ancient of the Woods
Richard Hammer of Justice


Wow! Great chart!

As a side note, hope there are more 4* Blue to come out. Blue has the least amount of 4* heros at only 4


Thank you so much guys. I am going to update all the rosters again during weekend and I actually plan to do the profession table (or how should I call it) too.
You are helping a lot I appreciate it.


I see that the rabbit card has not changed. That event is probably not coming back.


The Rabbits were here in March or April of 2017. A one-off.


You never know! Easter falls on April fools day this year .


Quintus Mad Scientist
Khagan Chief of Tribes
Lianna The Noble Heart


Still collecting the hero titles. I added Delilah the March heroine of the month.
Everybody is very much welcome to help me with the hero titles!


Thanks for doing this. Formatting suggestions: put the description underneath the hero’s name, where you now have the special’s name, and move that name next to the mana speed.


Thought about re-doing the roster in some way, but it is a lot of work. Maybe some other time.
I will give it the time after I have all the titles.


All the rosters will be re-done later today. The only hero titles still missing are: Guardian Kong, Guardian Panther, and Captain Kestrel. If anybody has these, please post the titles here. Thank you.

I still need the stats for fully leveled Morgan Le Fay and King Arthur.


Morgan le Fay Enchantress of Avalon 5* Att 708 Def 714 HP 1334 Power 771 Fast Single Devourer of Vitality The caster drains 664 health points from the target over 4 turns and it can’t be dispelled. Removed if the caster dies. The caster gets +94% defense against Fire for 4 turns

King Arthur King of Avalon 5* Att 709 Def 725 HP 1320 Power 770 Average Single Excaliber Deal 468% damage to a single enemy and they get -39% attack and -54% defense against Ice for 4 turns. The caster gets +74% defense against Special Skills for 4 turns.


You might want to wait until March 1 to update Yellow so you can get Delilah in with final stats.


This is old stuff. I need information from 1.10 version where the Special Skills description changed. Thanks anyway.
I am pretty sure that the five stars Avalon Heroes have been upgraded to 777 power and their stats raised correspondingly.


Oops, yes. Here are the descriptions:


  • Deals 468% damage to the target.
  • The target gets -39% attack for 4 turns
  • The target gets -54% defense against Ice for 4 turns
  • The caster gets +74% defense against Special Skills for 4 turns

Devourer of Vitality

  • The caster drains 684 HP from the target over 4 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled but gets removed if the caster dies.
  • The caster gets +94% defense against Fire for 4 turns.

Mine aren’t maxed, so I can’t give you stats. I’m assuming that the HP drain on Morgan hasn’t changed; my example is lower HP because she’s not fully leveled up.


Athena - Diety of Wisdom
Kaideln - Mistress of Moonlight
Horgal- Ancient of the Woods
Hel - Celestial of Darkness
Quintus - Lightening Mage


Where can I download player cards? I mean cards which give max states of each player.


good work, I’m happy about that.


For the regular heroes, you can screen-capture the maxed cards from the Summons Portal. You can also snap the current HotM (Delilah) there.

Event heroes and prior HotM are usually posted on the boards somewhere.


Thank you for the great work, but could you say what the “Total” column represents?