New! All Updated Hero Rosters

Thank you guys, corrected. @DaveCozy, @Studio36

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Hi @Pois1, sorry to bother you again. Seems like in the 20 update you forgot a piece of Aegir’s special, the one where he and his allies heal 100% of their normal damage dealt.

For reference. Cheers.

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Thank you @Jyzzy. Corrected.

wu kong
esos son los heroes alguien me podria decir si son buenos y si los puedo intercambiar por alguno bueno de 4* para los titanes

Keep Gregorion and Wu Kong. The rest is up to you.
I personally never had Rigard and Marjana and Quintus is not that good.

muchas gracias intentare cambiarlos a los otros me quedo con los que me dijiste igualmente es una loteria tengo pocos de 5 estrellas!!!

Translation (by mod):

Thank you. I will try to change them to the others. I’ll stick with the ones you told me. It is also a lottery. I have few 5 stars !!!

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Margaret’s description for her skill is so darn big, you couldn’t fit her skill name nor the fact that she resists dispells :stuck_out_tongue: the length of that description is why she needs that Q&A topic

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Missing Margaret’s mention of her resistance to dispels

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I just noticed a typo in Gafar’s name on the roster. You’ve got his name spelled with 2 F’s when there should be only 1.