New! All Updated Hero Rosters



Thanks for all your work here


So when are the celestials of light and and fire going to come out?


Is it posible to download as a spreadsheet?
This is so usefull, but I need it i a spreadsheet and i don’t want to copy all the data if it is already in one, like Artemis did long ago…

Thanks for your great work


Actually, I’m considering getting some help updating the old Artemis Appendix, or having Pois consider doing an alternate version with a different colour scheme. I’ve had someone make that request because they have impaired vision, and it would help.

What is your desire for a spreadsheet? It might help make up my mind to put together a couple volunteers. I’m the owner of that page. I’d discontinued updating it when Pois made these lovely summaries!


Wow! Love this!! Thank you!


Maybe this helps:


I use the spreadsheet to know which heroes to level, to give advices to my aliance. But the old spreadsheet doesn’t have all the heroes of the month event heroes, and won’t have season 2 heroes

With season 2 heroes the spreadsheet will be very very useful.


Well, the images in the first post of this thread are downloadable. And Pois has been amazing about adding heroes as they are released, so I’d expect the Atlantean heroes to be added, or given their own jpg.

With such a good reference already available, I’ll likely be more focused on the wiki and the Compendium. If you would like to update the old Artemis Appendix, I could set up the formatting for you (why reinvent the wheel) and it could be made available to other players as well. (for download, or to manipulate if there’s challenges with impaired vision.)

Let me know!


Indeed, the new 18 heroes will be added on the first day of Season 2. I have already prepared the sheets. New heroes will be added to existing rosters.


Thank you, but a jpg is not the same as an excel.

I can’t filter, I can’t make operations to calculate ratios of attack, defense, filter heroes with more than 750 in defense, and so on…

Of course I can do everything manually, bit it’s not the same.

I agree that jpg is ascetically astonishing, but worse for calculations


Create your own spreadsheet from the data in the pictures then.


The charts you make are awesome


reposted from above.


well, I’ll put it on the to do list, but it won’t get touched until other projects are updated unless some volunteers come forward.

Thanks for giving reasons for why a spreadsheet would still be helpful!


These are totally soo cool!!! You have talent. Love em! - Raz


My table has everything as Pois’s and more, and is a table, not a picture, so @R0BlN can use it and you don’t need to hurry :wink:
You already did wonderful job for us all, here’s a :cake: for you!


@Pois1 Mok-Arr (dark) isn’t in the Atlantis Summon, so that I guess means it’s not released yet, and since it’s 5 star, I guess that’s Atlantis HOTM for some other month…


He could be a Atlantis non-HOTM hero, recently all HOTMs have 780 team power and a Elemental Link in their skill :slight_smile:

For now only 2 Atlantis 5* heroes seems to be available.


Yeah, I know. I was just lazy to delete him. He is not HotM. There are other heroes for September and October.


@Pois1 @FraVit93 from what I’ve understood reading SG posts - if it’s 5 star and in the Atlantis, it’s HOTM for the Atlantis. AKA one time offer.

However, information about this is so vague that I really have no clue what is 100% true.

I tried to ask, we’ll see what comes out of it Are 5 star in Atlantis new HOTM (one time offer) or they will return later?