New! All Updated Hero Rosters (including costumed heroes, trainer heroes and family bonuses)

Whoa, Wow, Whattt!!! I truly thank you for the time it took you to create this resource. This forum is the reason why I continue to play E&P.


@Pois1 Baldur’s SS description needs updating. The v31 rebalancing buffed his SS damage per turn to 150%, but it also inserted an additional hit of 150% when his SS goes off.


Noor’s description is a bit off; Minions get 25% health and 25% (not 11%) attack, and elemental link is 30% defense against SS (not 16%). Probably from un-leveled card.

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Oh, you are right. Very sorry for that. Corrected.

Thanks for the chart awesome job.
Is there an updated chart for best heros in their classes?

I dont see Sudri on the red 3* chart, since its in alphabetical order it looks like he got cut out.

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Oh, thanks. I will fix this in the afternoon.
And fixed.


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