New! All Updated Hero Rosters (including costumed heroes, trainer heroes and family bonuses)

Where’s new costumes ? Please update, tks !


Nice @Pois1 this is really cool. I’ve always wanted to see the description of some heroes I don’t have.
You may want to correct the descriptions for Grimm and Grimble though; Dark instead of ‘Drak’ (Grimm) and The Goat-Riding Gnome instead of ‘Shepherd’ (Grimble).

Also the chart shows all trainer heroes having Average mana speed instead of what you’ve correctly outlined here

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Love ur work pois1, thank u so much

What ones do you still need? I’d be happy to send you some of mine at different stages.

Love the charts! Thanks for keeping them updated, which is the hard part. So thanks.

I’m trying to factor the hero’s speed into their total score by assigning an additive amount. For instance, adding 300 to fast, 200 to average, and 100 to slow heros. Do you think that unfairly penalizes the slow heros? Is it too much of a spread? For instance, Rudolph and Jahangir have very similar total scores. What amount would adequately compensate Rudolph for being fast?

Don’t get stuck on these two particular heros. Just looking for some formula I could apply across the board to factor in the speed component.

I do absolutely appreciate your work ! Is there PDF or Xlsx version ?

Hi kami,

actually I am very busy with RL at the moment, that is why this page has not been updated for a few weeks.
PDF is a great idea. I will prepare pdf files as soon as I find time to update the rosters.


Thanks, take your time, RL first !

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Hmmm. @Pois1. Been seeing a lot of seasoned players leaving the game. Did we lose you too?

Awesome work, we greatly appreciate it. I have this page bookmarked and refer to it alot. This page is pinned in my guilds discord. This is a great resource and I send people to take a look all the time.

Life gets busy, we understand. We look forward to the updates when you get time. Maybe it’s all the heroes it has now, I find the window with the purples from Marie-Therese to Victor gets stuck loading and is greyed out, I have to click it to see those heroes, the rest is fine.

I thank you for all the posts you do on the forums, keep up the great work, hopefully we don’t lose you.


No don’t change it. For some reason drak just sounds way more cooler. And shepherd for grimble just sounds way more epic, don’t know why they changed grimble’s title though

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Hi guys, thanks for your support. I am going to start updating today!


thank you so much for your time and effort in doing this!

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Hi hi.
Just noted a few errors in the rosters:

  • Mouse crosshair at 5* Nature Kingston & 5* Nature The Hatter locations
  • 4* Holy Chao has been repeated twice

Also, thank you for creating this roster.
It has been a great reference point for all the heroes being released in this game :+1:


Thank you so much, fixed.

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MIssing second round of costumes, plus Sand Empire family logo and bonuses (10%/20% Defence)
HOTM3 - Margaret still has the pre-balance special description
HOTM4 - Telluria + Vela have pre-nerf specials (Might as well add Noor while you’re at it)

Yeah, I know about these:

Sand Heroes: definitely fixed this weekend
HOTMs: this weekend
Second round of costumes: Hopefully in July

thank you

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Zeline has officially been dethroned as last nature legendary alphabetically. Sad times

Would prefer if you rearrange the costume heroes according to star level for consistency

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