New! All Updated Hero Rosters (including costumed heroes, trainer heroes and family bonuses)

there is an erro for costume richard : its minor damage for nearby ennemies

Thank You for work Pois1!

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Noted this:

  • Hawkmoon costume is sorcerer class, not barbarian :wink:

Thank you, corrected.

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This is great, I am new to game and it would be great if I could download as spreadsheet if possible.

Thank you in advance

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A spreadsheet version of the heroes:

This has little value…but I was wondering about trainer heroes and mana speed. The only 1* I have in my roster is “slow” speed but I see pictures of average as well.

Pure curiosity: Do they fluctuate between star levels? Random within the same star level? Changes over time? Or location obtained?

Edit: 1* and 2* recently obtained are slow. 3* is average. 4*?

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1*, 2* = slow
3* = average
4* = fast


Costumed Richard description should be corrected to “and minor damage to nearby enemies”

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Alguém tem a planilha atualizada com o s heróis
da terceira temporada?

Todos os heróis da terceira temporada estão listados aqui.

=== Missing family icons ===


  • Guardian Falcon
  • Guardian Jackal
  • Guardian Kong
  • Guardian Owl
  • Guardian Panther


  • Alice
  • Captain of Diamonds
  • Cheshire Cat
  • Queen of Hearts
  • The Hatter

Note that Zeline : -34% attack, not 33%


New Hero Costume data:

(Stats from this thread)


Where’s new costumes ? Please update, tks !


Nice @Pois1 this is really cool. I’ve always wanted to see the description of some heroes I don’t have.
You may want to correct the descriptions for Grimm and Grimble though; Dark instead of ‘Drak’ (Grimm) and The Goat-Riding Gnome instead of ‘Shepherd’ (Grimble).

Also the chart shows all trainer heroes having Average mana speed instead of what you’ve correctly outlined here

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Love ur work pois1, thank u so much

What ones do you still need? I’d be happy to send you some of mine at different stages.

Love the charts! Thanks for keeping them updated, which is the hard part. So thanks.

I’m trying to factor the hero’s speed into their total score by assigning an additive amount. For instance, adding 300 to fast, 200 to average, and 100 to slow heros. Do you think that unfairly penalizes the slow heros? Is it too much of a spread? For instance, Rudolph and Jahangir have very similar total scores. What amount would adequately compensate Rudolph for being fast?

Don’t get stuck on these two particular heros. Just looking for some formula I could apply across the board to factor in the speed component.