New ALšŸ¤”? what happens with the ongoing transmutattionsšŸ˜? can we upgrade AL furtheršŸ˜¬?

new AL?
what happens with the ongoing transmutattions?
can we upgrade AL further? are we stuck?

anyone with v30 can answer this?


hmmmā€¦ new stronghold? costs?

think im gonna wait till there are some answersā€¦


For the moment I am facing that scenario:

  • Stronghold lev 25 not available at the moment
  • AL is blocked. You can build new level but not make any recipe or research recipe
  • I assume that if you have an alchemy in-progress (a research or you are in the middle of an alchemy recipe crafting) it could be better to wait them finish before upgrading. Not sure about what will be happen with them
  • If you do not have any AL recipe or research in progress I highly suggest to NOT make one, even if you still not did the upgrade.
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so best would be to not update till forced (the game doesnt load anymore) and make shards and dont get stuck/waste time on AL

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As long as making recipes or resarch now is highly risky (we donā€™t know if pending ones will be valid after the update roll out completely [forcing update]) I would NOT suggest you to wait for update. Wait only if you have recipes in progress. Donā€™t add new recipes in your queue. This is my suggestion.

if EP locked AL there is a reason. So, at your place, I would let the pending recipes / researches finishing, but doing the update immediately after in order to not be tempted to use AL during those days (until the update completely roll out and AL will be re-enabled)

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according to thisā€¦ should be completedā€¦
would be wise to make the queue as bigger as possible before updating?/?!!!

oh, you get the resources back

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im sticking to thisā€¦ the later, the better

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Donā€™t know about it. I already updated so I canā€™t add more queues.
However take mind that for a lot of recipes the number of ingredients required decreased (for example lev 1B common materials ā†’ uncommon materials) will require less than 30 ingredients (probably 15, I think. I donā€™t remember now). Now it is up to you to decide what to do. I gave you all the informations I have :smile:

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yeah. i prefer making shards, than keeping resourcesā€¦

time grind is whats all about for f2ps :))

yup. thx :heart:


Has anyone finished all the buildings yet? I still have a few levels needed to max 3 advance structures. Dayummmā€¦

I did the Update with one transmutation still going on for 3,5 days something. After the Update, I had a message in my inbox, quoting that ongoing transmutations were completed instantly. I was rewarded with the correct amount of Alkashards and a 3* Item.


soā€¦ best to risk it and queue as much as possible before update :smiley:

If you had plans to risk soemthing anyway, imo this would be a good time. You will get fast results.

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guess SG read my topic and took measures

at least i have stashed ham to use whenever i wanna research or power lvl a 5* :rofl: