New Aeron (description in his special needs to be clarified)

First of all I’m very happy they added this but what does it mean “from the target and nearby allies”

I’m guessing it’s like Vivica or rigard, if so fix cause it’s confusing

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I think that means he cures status ailments to just Aeron and his 2 allies next to him instead of the entire party. Same thing goes to his status ailment immunity 3 turns. So to maximize his effect, he should not be placed in the left-most or right-most position.

I don’t have him, just interpreting what from the context of the words.



Same text as for Vivica and Rigard but with his flanks instead of whole party (vis a vis Ares or Magni buffs for example).

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I’m glad to see they listened to the beta testers and added this.

It’d be nice if he also gave a little defensive buff, say +25 or 35%, but oh well. At least they added this. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t have much use for him on the main but on the alt, just realized he’s basically a Suisse Army Knife and I would be able to bench several 4* heroes from my raid attack lineups, and explicitly could replace two non-hitters for one, and fix a couple irritating things (cept for Perseus on defense really starting to dislike him with the low hp targeting code) that I normally have to drag specific heroes to counteract for and hmmm.

Seriously considering trying to get him on the alt and taking him to 80 there.

But the text should be “cures … from the caster and nearby allies”.


Or does he really heal the target???

i don’t have him but i think he targets an ally, and cure him and his nearby allies, not neccesary him and his 2 nearby allies

Well… the description should definitely be fixed. People who try to make sense of it get it wrong. :slight_smile:

It would be a nice touch if you could target where his shield goes up, both his ailment removal and the three-round protection.

Maybe if it does require fixing or clarification, they can reword the shield’s text and not the ailment removal’s.

Something like:
Casts a shield over the target and nearby allies, curing them of all status ailments and protecting them from new ailments for three turns. This effect cannot be dispelled.

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Of course. I guess the main drawback of such a shielding would be that when on defense, Aeron could target a corner flank, which would be less than ideal. Perhaps he could default, when defending, to cast on himself?

I noticed the wording issue too, but I think it could be just a simple typing/wording error. I believe it should have read:
“Cures status ailments from the Caster and nearby allies”

instead of:
“Cures status ailments from the Target and nearby allies”

Aeron isn’t a striker, and therefore doesn’t have a target. He’s a healer, and therefore is a caster. It should be the same as the other heros that heal, have Riposte, apply defense buffs, etc., like Ares, Boril, Musashi, Leonidas, Magni, etc. They are all written up like, “The caster…”.
This should be a very simple fix for SGG, and it would clarify it completely by changing only one word. I don’t do programming, however, so who knows :grin:

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Could someone with Aeron test whether it’s possible to target an ally, rather than justbself-cast?

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There is no way to do that in the interface; just self cast and yeah the description should definitely be updated as others have pointed out.

That said works as should reasonably be expected.


Thanks, I was not sure if they had modified the interface to allow targeted casts of heals.

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Hi, thank you for the report. We’ll be fixing the text in the upcoming update!