New Aegir Vs. Frida

Hello everyone! Now that Aegir has been improved, will it be considered to reach the final tier & give him my telescopes or should I give it to Frida? 1st picture is my main team & the second one is my Ice favorite team.


Titan attacks are a good source of mats. Elemental debuff of Frida would help you a lot against red titans.


Thank you for your feedback

I also own Kenchen & Evelyn too

Maybe another way to put it:
Aegir will help keep your heroes alive vs 8+ titans
Frida will help you get a higher score

using both is ideal


Good point too! Thank you

The new Aegir and Khiona could be brutals :slight_smile:
It would be your best tank IMHO and you could still use it together with a 3.70 Frida on titans.


Unless you are going to use him as tank defense, I’m sure Aegir still works fine at 3/70 for your ice team too


I don’t need Aegir for defense and 3 turns isn’t quite long enough, so I am going with Frida. 3/68, but will wait for Atlantis in case I am blessed with Ariel.

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Question for you, why having Aegir next to Khiona & not Red Hood? Will it improve Aegir if he is next to Khiona? I would assume it’s because Aegir is tank

With these heroes, Aegir at center is clearly best. Mother North should be far left to make sure her special, when ready, fires at the start of the turn. You want Khiona on flank, so that three heroes get her big +attack, but putting her between two healers doesn’t make sense;min this location she can buff the other strong attacker, Drake.

This arrangement is als good from color matching. Yellow tiles that are aimed towards Khiona don’t hurt Drake much (and vice versa); blue tiles aimed at Red Hood don’t hurt Mother much.


Just went raiding with Onatel, Jackal, Aegir, Grimm and Sonya and let me tell you, Aegir is pure gold. Coz of him, my soon to be dead team with low health withstand all enemy hits without dying. Onatel had like 300hp left and Lianna fired her arrows towards her and she survived coz of the Aegir’a damage sharing skill.

He is fantastic. Thank you SG :smile:


Thank you for your help!

This is great to hear. Thank you for sharing your experience with him in your battle!

This is GREAT news.

I have Aegir, and he’s sitting at the bench since he came in, because I just can’t find a fgod use for him, attack or defense.

I play in iOS, so I still don’t get the new version, can’t wait to test this new Aegir, hopefully he will NOW be a real HOTM, and can get out of Wilbur’s shadow…!!!

I have no experience of using Wilbur. I know he’s great and all that but i have not been rushing his ascension coz i had jackal and azlar in progres when i got him from the latest atlantis summon. I will definetly ascend him soon. Aegir is now very well worth the telescopes and emblems. I’m glad i already ascended him earlier in his weaker stage. I don’t know how good he is in defence but now he’s one helluva hero in attacking.

I like

I have both in one account.

I easily beat 4000 tp Aegir teams with my humble Rigard-Wilbur-green or blue-Colen-Wu Kong ~3430 tp team.

I print the screen almost every time, and call it my “Aegir collection”

Aegir was fixed to all shared damage + 30% def buff + 100% normal damage heal.

Well, Wilbur is all share damage + 63% def buff + -44% enemy def cripple, with a good combo or AOE attack (just like your Azlar), fire Wilbur, then the Lion, and watch the entire enemy team pop like corn…!!! (probably the only advantage Aegir will have now is his survability).

Also, he is great in titans, but I think that’s where Aegir might work best from now on too.

We hear you Wilbur lover😀

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Well, I really hope to become an Aegir lover soon, bc so far he is utterly useless IMO.

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Wilbur isn’t bad, but his buff can be used against him. Imagine having Kiril buff the team just after him, thanks Wilbur! Or having a Isarnia going off after Wilbur, you’re even again. Also he doesn’t heal.

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