NEW - Add recruits in shop

Here’s a new idea as I found I’m at a point were I need more and more recruits and not enough games can be played to keep up with demand especially when fir example you need 70 to 100 recruits to train hero.

Currently in the shop for gems we can food/iron refills, flags etc.

SO Why not add recruits say in packs of 50 and 100 for so many many gems. Obviously a great source of income which could potentially become the most want pack in the shop. I mean personally speaking myself I nevrr spend gems in the shop which in reality is a loss towards SG bottom line from my pocket but having said that and needing so many recruits packs of 100 recruits for say 200 gems I would buy them and probably more often than spending gems on summonses.

Just a thought, my brsin ticks and then tocks and thoughts come along, lol


I’d rather spend 100 gems on a WE refill and use it to farm 8-7 12 times, which usually gets me about 120 recruits plus the crafting materials. But hey, you do you.

That would depend on your level i suppose as personally I only 27 WE and at 7/8 etc used per game with an average of 7 recruits won per game only gives me about 28 to 30 recruits per set and based on not being on here all day everyday making only set a day.

I do understand your point and It may be different for higher establishmented players but I bet there’s more new comers than greater establishmented ones and keeping them interested is what it about.

Farm 7-4 or 8-7, dude. 3 WE, average 10 recruits, and you can fill your monster chest in 9 tries, or 1 set of WE for you. If you need recruits more than crafting items, farm the lower level provinces. If you need the crafting items and ascension materials more, then farm higher level provinces

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Thanks for that it is appreciated. I mostly farm for xp points more that anything else as I have heaps if farming stuff and crafted items in the hundreds which I barely use in battles, actually the first time I used some in a while was for the last event challenge. Anyway

I posted this option based on this though. I have about 15 4* heros waiting to be leveled and about the same in 3* not forgetting I hope hope be able to get 5* ones eventually and as mentioned above for better hero out of TC’s takes up 70 plus recruits with 3 TC thats 210 recruits for just 3 heros.

Being able to purchase them would only help being able to constantly train.

Thanks again for the tip though as never looked it that way for this purpose. Cheers

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I’m farming 8-7 as much as I can and keeping 4 training camps full, tc 20, 11, 4, 2-1. Never short on recruits. Throw in some 12-9, 17.1, between chests and 23-11 with loot tickets when close to lvling.

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As stated your on level 20 meaning you may have more WE to play with but hey was only an suggestion which no matter how you look at it the option would still be there and I am sure many would use it to speed up leveling rather than play for items they don’t need.

You know I’ll tell something quickly, I’m a businessman and business is about making money and making money is what these types of games are all about and if spending money is what players are prepared to do then where on this earth in any real business world doesn’t it make sense to increase REVENUE which is tge bottom line by making as much as possible available as individual items in the store like recruits, ascension items, titan flasks etc.

At the end of the day if players are will to pay then why not offer it.

Plain and simple.

All I ever hear is excuses as to how it would widen the gap between f2p and p2w when in reality the cap is already there for one and will always be there no matter what you do or how you look at it and if offering more selection in the shop encourages those who wouldn’t normally spend money to spend it then where is the problem with that, casinos, clubs, pubs, lottos etc all do it because they that offering every available option will bring people in even though they tell you gambling is bad for you and should only be done for enjoyment purposes only.

Well these games in reality are mo different and 90% of players know that especially those who spend hesps on these already. Think of all the players that say they stop spending because thier getting nowhere fast anyway, give those people 100 options to spend on these items to get there faster instead of find 1000 excuses why you don’t want money.

Business is about making money and if SG is going to from 50gran day to 150gran then why arevthey putting the brakes on what players want and need to enjoy the game the way they want to enjoy it.

Once that’s done all SG has to worry about to keep the going and interesting is keep creating new seasons once a year and by golly the money will roll in faster that they can count it.

Nothing personal guys just business note for you to take back to headquarters, lol

Farm 8-7 a ton. I have 10k+ troops in backstock. Utilize tc 11 to store all excess recruits. You’ll never run out…

I got it, i got it, thank you.

Still doesn’t change what said though.

Ok well if you’d buy it, then they should add it

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LOL, Now your thinking, lol

Yes we also get that it could make SG money to offer it, but it clearly isn’t of high interest to those that have figured out how to amass huge quantities of recruits with minimal effort. Autoplaying 8-7 takes no time to grind out, and you get a decent supply of 1-2* feeders too. Doing only 1 set of 27 energies a day isn’t going to improve much by buying recruits, swords and backpacks still need to be gotten.

You also don’t find any use for lots of material to build battle items, which are critical to winning events titans etc. You would see that material can run out if you step up your game and use battle items effectively. Lots of battle items used against titans, minimum mana boost for wu kong and hit them with arrows and axes and antidotes, you will run out of that material you don’t think you need quick.

I’m ready to start buying metal ores if they would only sell me it though, midnight roots too.


It’s pointless to sell recruits at the shop. Here’s why:

  1. With 3 energy you will get 8 to 10 recruits 8-7on province 8-7. For 100 gems you can refill it to farm again, it will only take times. (You can use loot ticket to skip it)
  2. How much should it cost to shop recruits ? Refill it to full with 100 gems? 150 gems?
  3. Buying the recruits with gems to train during 2d. Why don’t you just spend 300 gems to buy the tokens? It doesn’t make sense…
  4. You can always save time with spending gems but you just can’t save time to get those items.

Province 8-7 will only take 2-3 minutes and you can always use autoplay. My opinion is no-one will shop the recruits.

I hear everything your all saying and it does make sense to the average player but gamers are not average players and a player who in more interested in speed over time and has all the farming items they need and more in excessive quantities will buy say 150 recruits for 100 gems because that’s more interesting to them than spending 30 minutes playing for them through the game.

Now you think that a player who has just spent a couple of hundred dollars or more on getting heros would flinge at spending another say 1000 gems on 10 of these packs the level those heros off faster.

At the end of the day anything placed in the shop is only a source of added income for the SG only used by players who like to spend money so if the option is no one is actually forcing you to buy are they but at least it’s there.

And on most part on a game where making money is important especially when your a company sourcing out funding to manage business, doesn’t it make 100% sense to make that money in every possible way in which case doesn’t it make sense to increase those possibilities by adding ascension items, recruits, flasks, farming items etc to be sold to make that extra money and people will pay it, buy it and buy golly use it because it’s human nature to be greedy and nothing more.

But hey only an idea put out there and if no one sees the to be good then so be it.



If you really wanted to make a killing then sell packs of 10 1* heros for instant leveling, either of individual elements but would make more sense to mix the elements up. 500 gems a pack and your on your way.

Now that’s using your noggin.