New 5* TC 20 trainable heroes

I feel instead of altering current heroes to make them more viable maybe new 5* heroes could be added to TC 20 drops. Added diversity to the f2p people’s rosters. Many different tactics and gameplay choices would be awesome.

Two reactions:

  1. Some players have already gotten 5* heroes and invested in their ascension. Why not given them a solid hero to use by upgrading weak 5*?
  2. I’ve advocated putting old HotM in TC20 after, say, nine months. Therefore more 5* would be available to F2P players or those who joined after the hero’s initial release. There are lots of use who covet Hel and Athena but weren’t here early!

I dont want this to be a discussion about tweaking old heroes which most likely it will. More of a discussion about getting more heroes for f2p to choose from. Which if i am not mistaken is four of each color in 5*. Some diversity would be nice.

To your second point i would love it if say 6 month old hotm were added to tc 20. that would be great

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I also agree that it would be awesome to get old HotM in tc20, that would also solve the problem of wanting new heroes there

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Yes they are rolling out new heroes which is cool but they are as most whine about unobtainable to f2p for the most part. how about a monthly roll out to tc 20 as well not necessarily a old hotm but a shiny new f2p obtainable hero

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Mmh, that could work. But I don’t really like the idea of bringing too many new heroes out either.
I think that placing the oldest HotM in TC20 every month would be enough.

Another 5 heroes, one of each color, would add a lot of diversity to f2p choices.

The hotm has been widely dicuss in other threads so i was hoping to get another idea or bug in the heads of the powers that be. Who seem to actually read the forums.


Careful what you wish for!

I’m pretty sure elemental summons uses two random rolls:

  1. Determine hero tier (rare, epic, legendary)
  2. Determine which hero within tier

Let’s say that there’s a 4% chance of getting a 5* from an elemental summons. There are currently four standard 5* of each color, so there’s a 1% chance of getting any specific 5*. Add another 5* and the odds fall to 0.8%.

That might be okay if the new heroes were really top-shelf examples. Experience with Khagan, Domitia and Obakan suggests that we’d just see more middling-to-poor heroes, but reduce odds of getting really nice ones like Sartana or Vivica.

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I understand what you are saying. Refering mainly to f2p and tc 20. which will still have a decreased odds of the getting the really nices ones as you put it. But variety is the spice of life. And personally feel more options will create different tactics. of course there will always be personal preferences to which ones are best. doesn’t mean there wont be people that find new ways to combine heroes specials to create new useful team combinations

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Regarding your second point I made the same suggestion in another thread as well. Maybe it will get some traction?

Great idea, But im not sure that somebody Even read it…

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