New 4* troop with hp regeneration

There are 3* troops with hp regeneration bonus. But 4* troops are critical hit chance bonus and mana regeneration bonus. Why not create 4* troop with hp regeneration bonus?

Update: hp regeneration meant healing bonus. And troop as 4* with additional hp with healing bonus.

HP regeneration bonus? I’m not sure what you mean. Do you mean the healing bonus? Some 4* troops do have this.

Maybe you mean something else. Maybe a screenshot would help.

The mana 4* troop also has the hp regeneration bonus already.

I think the terminology is scrambling me here. Are we talking about the hollow heart, the “healing bonus”? This:

Because that’s certainly a 4* troop in the picture.

Oh yes. My bad. Sorry guys, I meant healing bonus as hp regeneration. Little not noticed healing bonus in mana troop. But there are no troop with additional hp and healing bonus then.