New 10 Hero Roster Mode

I have an idea for a new game mode that I think would be so much fun, add a whole new element of strategy to the game, and will let you utilize more heroes than you currently do now.

There is another mobile game that I played for a while in which I was obsessed with the game mechanic. There are 4 heroes on your field but 8 heroes on your team for the match. Since E&P is set up with 5 heroes, this would be 10 heroes in your roster for this game mode.

This allows for greater diversity in strategies and opens up room for lots of creativity. In this mode, you get to create and order your roster of 10 heroes. You do not get to determine where the last 5 are placed in the battle as they appear wherever your current hero dies. The game is over once you or your enemy has their 10th hero defeated. This also creates room for new abilities too that would excel specifically in this format. Such as a self denonate hero or a hero that attacks and moves to the back of the line up bringing a new hero in.

Do you want an early AND late game tank? Or only 1? Do you want a healer in the middle around 5 or 6? Do you want all-out-attackers to finish your line up or do you want them to start your lineup and try as quick as possible to remove your enemies first line of heroes? With this mode, you can create multiple synergies in one game or have a common theme throughout your team. etc. etc. etc.

I think this game mode would be extremely fun with 3* and 4* heroes but I think it would mostly be utilized by end game players. I am at point right now where I have put in so much time and effort building my 5* heroes that it is sad that I feel like I don’t get to fully utilize them. I have a set 5 heroes for defense, and really only 2 main attack teams that I switch between depending on the enemy (and the majority of those in my attack teams are in my defense team). That means the only time I get to use some of my other heroes are the occasional war match that happens way too infrequently for a maxed 5*. I had a Guin tank for so long, but decided to switch her out for Heimdall. It sucks that Guin is basically nonexistent anymore because she only gets used for 1 war attack and that’s it. Also, ya know that feeling when you have the PERFECT 6 hero team and you are struggling to figure out which one gets the chop? Well now you would be able to truly flesh out that synergy in a full roster!!

What do y’all think? Honestly, after reaching the majority of end game content, I am getting bored with the same game mode over and over and over again. A new quest is not going to satisfy my boredom that I am starting to get because the new quests just kind of feel like a chore to get through now. I am also not really enticed to get new 5* heroes anymore because I already have plenty at the moment. If I had a roster of 10 heroes to fill, I would feel rejuvenated in this game again as I would have brand new strategies and synergies to find as well as new heroes I would want to get on my team.

Sounds like something I also proposed in one of my earlier posts about how to make raids funnier… I’d love it. Especially because it would also prolong P2P matches which automatically makes them less prone to board rng, it would call for bigger rosters, call for more strategic thinking etc.

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It’s nice! But can we see the 10 heroes we’re facing or only the first 5 heroes (the subs being undisclosed?)

If it was like that, it would remind me of different waves in challenge events that don’t let you see what color is coming. The difference is that there are cheat sheets!

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I would think it would be similar to raids in which you see the enemy lineup before hand

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