New 1* troops with v28? / Received common villager troop from silver summons token

Anyone else notice a third type of 1* troops after the update to V28?

That’s a “Common Villager”, essentially a 0* troop or a placeholder if you don’t have that type of troop yet. I wonder if it has been added to allow you to use costumes in tournaments and change back outside of the tournament (avoid locking in)


Hmm, having checked, Common Villager has been added to the summon portal and now can be levelled up to a max of +9%atk with no other features. Previously it was just a placeholder seen in defence team lineups

Yet another unannounced change @Petri


Yeah. I’ve just never pulled a common villager from the daily summons portal or been able to use them to level other troops. Their base stat is still 0s on everything but now you can level them too. Not that they provide much value… just didn’t see anything about this on release notes and wasn’t sure if anyone had seen/heard anything. Maybe it is the costume thing…

This appear to be a possible bug, we are currently investigating and will update once we know more.


You guys got your hands full on this update…


I just got one as well the Yellow version

well, they also give 40 exp, like other 1* troops, so no biggie. and since they are considered 1*, they shouldnt dilute the chances of getting other troops and heroes?


Emm… What a heck? I just draw a 0* troops (thill v27) with 0 stats from daily summon


So did I , but they still give me 40 XP and I’m fine with that.


I am most impressed that someone actually caught this. I have never and will never look at a 1* troops stats



Usually one would find a level 1 troop with no stats on a team when someone lacked usable troops. An example would be running a team of all red heroes in a rare challenge event with only 4 usable troops. The last red hero would have a troop with no stats.

Today, I forgot to change the troops against a rare titan while using 1* heroes to maximize damage reflect when I noticed that I had a 1* troop with no stats!

With further investigations I found:

  • 1* troops missing stat values in the Daily Summon Portal
  • My 1* yellow troop with no stats being able to be leveled

Pictures of troops with missing stats in Daily Summon Portal

Video of my yellow 1* troop with no stats being able to be picked and also leveled.

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Ah not again, it seems that this was already found a couple days ago… Can this be moved to the other post? Really sorry about this…

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I just pulled one, I was kind of surprised and decided to search the forums. I’m glad I did. I don’t need to worry anymore

I too just received a 0/0/0 1* troop and am not impressed. Hope this is indeed a bug and not intentional!

I got my second one today.

But on the summon gate they at least have +9% to attack

The summon portal shows troops and heroes that are fully maxed out.

If they provide no additional stats but they still give the same exp when consumed I see no problem since most people eat most 1* troops anyways. I like them for very niche things. For one, when using Titanium Shields with 1* heroes, using these troops can further maximize the damage you can reflect. Furthermore, it may be useful for testing heroes using a clean slate(no stat bonuses) over having to account for bonus stats given by troops when doing calculations.

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Hmmm. Well. I can have a job to these guys. Shield atack

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