Nevermind am just bad

Nevermind. Tiles are required

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Why no one in our alliance spends another €1 on this game! The stones are influenced in such a way that the designers determine who wins or not. The big spenders will always be seriously favored and this at the expense of those who pay less or not at all. It has nothing to do with puzzles because then you always have equal opportunities.


If it were this rigged, I would not waste my precious time on it!
There are a lot of threads about this issue and its common sense, that the boards are random, and the board is set on the device not on central servers.
So it would be quite difficult to rig the board according to your spending habits.
If you are right it would be almost impossible for me as a f2p to beat big spenders in raids. I wipe out 4800er teams full of premium heroes regularly. I dont win every fight, but much more than half of it! Have a look at the „fighting known names“ thread, there you can see some results. Other players do the same. This would not be possible with rigged boards.
Cool down and happy gaming

In raids and wars I lose over 75% of the games because not only the game applies AI to the computer player but because the boards play against you.
We all have notice how the board fills up quickly with tiles from missing heroes in your team but lately I have also noticed that the board starves the tiles for your healer. I lose countless games because I cant use my healer.

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No they don’t

No we haven’t.

No it doesn’t.

No you don’t.

You lose because you are taking the wrong heroes against the teams you are fighting, or you are not managing the board well


*hands over her crayons to Pest *
P.S.: don’t use the orange one. It has tricked me during the last year

Right, because I dont see whats going on right in front of my eyes game after game…
I have this wonderful hero Prof. Lindebrock, really good, awesome really, but guess what? I cant use her special that much because I dont have the tiles.
Believe me I do try to get those tiles, they just dont show up to use them.
Currently I am playing without a green hero, guess what? Theres always an abundance of green tiles, so much so that sometimes I dont have a choice but to use green tiles.
Great, lets switch my healer to a green one. Guess what? The green tiles suddenly disapear and I am back to square one frantically trying to match green tiles.
Game after game after game, I see it, I deal with it and I lose game after game after game…
But hey if you say its not the game its me, then maybe Im just too stupid to match three tiles on a 7X5 grid… right??

Seems like you arrived at your answer after all. Well done.

Each game is independent of the last. Why would you switch heroes to get the tiles you had in the last game? Weird.

In a last ditch attempt to help you - bring 2 healers. In 2 different colours. The rest you can stack, or split, up to you. Try a couple of mana controllers and maybe one hitter. Record a few videos and count the tiles. Also look out for mistakes you make in moving tiles, because they will be there (not just for you, but for all of us). The good news is if you stop blaming the boards you actually will get better.

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Perhaps you have more green / yellow tiles on the board at any one time because you are using the others but not making matches with those colours. So on average you would have more in the board.

This is probably going to get merged with the other threads about boards bring rigged and over there is been proved many times its not the case and just unlucky / confirmation bias.

I play mono and sometimes it feels like I never get the tiles but I remember those times more than the times I get decent tiles / cascades and I won - on average they are equal chance of tiles but I place more importance on the memories of where I can’t get a tile at all so it just feels worse. Maybe something similar is happening -for a start it’s a simpler explanation than some incredibly complicated AI manipulating boards across loads of devices while also somehow being so clever it’s impossible to detect with the data collected by members so far…

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I fire my Prof all the time. I’ve started using her as the 1 in some experimental 4-1 offence line ups. She works great.

Ah, but that’s because you are one of the Favoured Ones :wink:

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